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1991 Cinelli The Machine equipped with 1999 Campagnolo Record/Chorus group and Columbus MAX OR tubing

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Cinelli The Machine / L / 1991

Bontrager Race Lite CX 44cm / 1" 1/4 quilled Zoom

Cinelli The Machine / 1" 1/4 threaded Tange

Campagnolo Chorus 1999 / Campagnolo 1991 K2 / Ritchey Racing Force 1.9

Campagnolo Chorus 1999 / Campagnolo 1991 K2 / Ritchey Racing Force 1.9

2000 Campagnolo Speed Triple / 1997 Campagnolo Athena

Cinelli / Sel. Cof. Art.32, 400mm , no setback

Look CX6 with titanium spindles / Campagnolo C9

1999 Campagnolo Record Ergopowers / 1999 Chorus fron and rear derailleurs

2005 Campagnolo Veloce mini V brake / 1999 Campagnolo Record Ergopowers

13-26 / 39-53 / 1988 Campagnolo 500cc Biodinamica bottleset


A pleasure to ride. One of a kind.

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Hmm i really like the style.

Hmm i really like the style. It looks like a fantastic piece of art. I would love to ride on it and race with my friend with this bike.


Amazing machine!
I'm interested in the size of this little beast. What are the measurements and in comparison what do you ride on a classic bike with horizontal top bar? And how tall are you?



The frame is 52,5 cm center to top x 58cm center to center. I'm 184cm and usually ride a 58x58 road bike with a 12cm stem. Cheers!

Lovely frame, but is it the right size and...

No offense, one does whatever he likes of his own bike, but... such frame would deserve a proper Classic XC build.

I am actually after one of those, and would feel already like being Heretic to fit a rock Shox Mag21 and Tioga Disk Drive that I've kicking around 8-)
Thing is, it's a classic bike from the era when yes there was a lot of ideas taken out of the drawers, but this particular frame was pretty straightfoward and I believe it looks and performs better with a classic build.
Pretty sure it works well already, although not Kosher the build is good! :-)


What type of terrain do you

What type of terrain do you ride on?

only road!

I ride it just on the road!

I dig this!

I dig this!




Very interesting bike, reminds me of John Tomac who used to race XC with a drop bars on his MTB.
How did you solve the cable pull problem with ergos and linear pull brakes ?

V brake & ergopowers

I do remember Tomac's bike; you're right.
About the inconvenience you mentioned, I just used Campagnolo Veloce mini V brakes, whose arms are shorter than normal ATB v brakes. Of course the wheel are pretty straight so brake pads can stay very near to the rims.
See you.

Absolutely cool. I'm also

Absolutely cool. I'm also old enough to remember Tomac's drop bars. I see that you are not running any of the Campy mountain group parts, can't remember what it was called but it did not work very well.. Euclid!

very good!

Very well deduced, Sir!

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