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Eminence Grise

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Albuch Kotter lugged Steal / 68cm / unknown

Oak / Shimano 600 polished

Albuch Kotter steal / Tange 1'' threaded

Shimano 28'' / Vittoria Zaffiro Pro

Shimano 28'' / Vittoria Zaffiro Pro

Campagnolo Chorus / Token 102mm ISO

Flite TT leather covered / ITM

Crank Brothers Candy SL / Rohloff SLT 99

2 Campagnolo Record dual pivot front brakes / customized Shimano 600

Gusset 5/64 sprocket 13T / Campagnolo Chorus 53T

Even though it might look other than that but this actually is a 28'' bike. It is just fun to ride. With the tires and a weight of almost 9kg not the fastest but as comfortable as a wheelchair.

Front light: Sanyo (from Dynapower-Set)
Back light: Sturmey Archer, both converted to LED with "Frog Light" ingredients

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Yeah the handlebar is cool but...

...I think I love the back light most of all. The most interesting ss I've seen in a long time!

Epic diy conversion! Is the

Epic diy conversion! Is the saddle as comfortable as it looks?

It is not the cozy couch it

It is not the cozy couch it might look like but it is quite comfortable, yes.

I am

Loving this.

I love wood

Indeed your handlebars are awsone. I thought of making these aswell and your the first one I see it getting done. Complements! Especially the way you mounted your brakelevers.



The backside of the setup is that the handlebar can't be removed without chopping it up. I got into bending wood today and soon there will probably the wish to try a new handlebar 8/
The next hanldebar will be made of wood from ash tree.
The modification of the brake lever sockets took a while until they fitted the bar without any gaps.

Great handlebars!

Joey Volpe

These handlebars are awesome!!! Where did you find them? They must be custom made?

You really did a nice job on this bike... simple, elegant and functional for you and the terrain where you find yourself!

Congarts pour votre très chic "Eminence Grise"!

Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada

Thank you. The handlebar I

Thank you.
The handlebar I made myself. The commercial solutions that are available were to expensive for my budget

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