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Eimei Track

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Eimei Columbus Genius Tubing / 57cm / 1999

Nitto B123 / Nitto Steel Quill

Eimei Columbus Genius / Hatta Swan

Formula / Deep V / Vittoria Zaffiro

Formula / Deep V / Vittoria Zaffiro

nuthin / Sugino 75

San Marco / nuthin

KKT Pro Vic II / KMC

Dura-Ace Cog / Dura-Ace Lock Ring

She floats. 46-16

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just to say that i love this bike!
congratulations ;)

Love that thing!

Love that thing!



Loving it. just not digin

Loving it. just not digin the straps so much


yeah, i know. it's not for bling, honest.

i was rocking some nylon crap for a while, but they broke and then i fell onto a bus. so, when i went to work, these were the only ones we had in stock of any quality(the options were pink or neon orange, which looked even worse) and i really don't want to buy new ones until these wear out because straps are depressingly expensive.

your bike looks like

your bike looks like business. hows that stem and bar combo and how tall are you?


The stem and bar just came

The stem and bar came in the mail not to long ago. Upgrade from no-name steel drops and stem. It makes me faster and cooler.

I am just over 6". The frame could be a touch bigger, but for thrashing about the streets it does just fine.

ya man, it looks real dope

ya man, it looks real dope bro.

do you think the drop is too much for riding the street with the Jag. or not that bad?

I though that at first, and

I though that at first, and maybe it took a day or two to adjust to the lower set-up, but really it is nice to ride. I wouldn't tour with it set up that way, but for Winnipeg(i.e.very very flat) riding, it is nice.

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