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Hammerschlag Bianchi

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Bianchi / 62cm / unknown

custom leather covered aluminum with internal cable routing / Shimano 600 black anodised

Bianchi / Chris King Gripnut

DT Swiss 240s / Mavic Open Pro CD / Continental 4000s

White Industries Standard Eno shortened to 126mm / Mavic Open Pro CD / Continental 4000s

Campagnolo Centaur Carbon Ultra Torque

custom leather covered Selle Italia 135g / leather covered KCNC TI Pro

Crank Brothers Candy SL / Rohloff SLT99

Campagnolo Veoloce Skeleton / FSA Vision TT

White Industries Freewheel 16t / Spécialités TA Vento 61t

The inspiration for the new modifications came from old racing bikes.
Thanks to the wide and well padded handlebar it is a very comfortable ride.
Due the high gearing not that much of a sprinter but once it is going it runs fast though...
The paint is powder coated and the color is called "antic black". The coating has structure so scratches will not bother to fast.
The over all weight is exactly 8kg and therefore not to heavy to carry it up to the 5th floor into my apartment.
Update: added a basket.
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That was kind of a harsh

That was kind of a harsh statement streetcore don't you think? Haven't you ever heard of to each their own, I'm sure you have. If he wants to build his bike the way he has, by all means let him do it. Also haven't you even considered the landscape that he lives, he may not need to change the gearing at all, it could be flat as hell. Plus he has breaks, and a freewheel for god's sake!!

So I would rethink your thought process before you go bashing someones ride, because of the way they built it up.

Nice bike btw, keep it up!!

I completely agree that each

I completely agree that each person should build their bike the way they should, why not? That's what I do. I'm criticizing his practicality. Regardless of how flat his area, a gear ratio that large with bars that narrow makes no sense. Even if you do have flat land, how would a gear ratio that large benefit you? You'd have to be biking at least 20 miles per hour constantly to have at least a good cadence. Plus, if you stop and start again, where is your leverage when getting out of the saddle? You wouldn't stay seated starting from a stand-still with that gearing. Who said anything about brakes and a freewheel? I never mentioned that. I did think about it, otherwise I wouldn't have written anything. If you quit being biased towards what you think is right and consider the possibility of his building thought process, you might notice that some of my criticism is correct. No seat at that angle and height is comfortable, that's horrible for your wrists. Especially with bars that narrow, your weight is not spread out.

I totally get what you are

I totally get what you are saying. And heck maybe this guys body is just setup in a weird way that this fit works for him.. haha. But anywho, at least i think were on the same page here.

Again, nice build, interesting stuff going on for sure!!

Don't bother!

Thank you for your comment!
Don't bother about people like Streetcore and their remarks. In their little world there will only be their way or no way. I just feel sad for them. Especially when they are not able to read the specs before they bash other peoples bikes.

Streetcore, calm down. It

Streetcore, calm down. It is not that you had bad ideas, your tone is just prickish.
If you were asking me, which you are not, i would lower the angle of the bars so your wrists are not torqued when you are riding. I do also agree that you should lower that gear ratio. Keep it high if you like bikes with good top-end, but pushing that hard to accelerate will do damage to your knees eventually, especially if it is your daily commuter.
Just some thoughts.

I do love the odd look of the bike.
keep it live.


Thanks for your comment! Your concern over my wrists is appreciated. Actually it is not as bad as it looks like. Most of the weight is on the saddle and the legs. Almost all my bikes are like build like that and I only once had problems on a bike with no padding on the handlebar. On this one there is a 4mm foam-cushion under the leather cover...
The question about the gearing is actually one about the acceleration. I am not the sprint-master and I get the horns from cars at the traffic light every one in a while. I take my time to speed up and are sensible for my knees. ;) Just do not like the hamster-feeling with smaller gearings. I seriously tried that.
Thanks again and best wishes!

There is no world in which I

There is no world in which I live where someone's bike has to be built according to me. I'm speaking on a purely sensible reason basis. Why are your bars so narrow? Why is your seat so angled down? Why is your gearing so unnecessarily large? Where did you get that I didn't read your specs? You think I'm saying this based on just looking? Maybe try thinking from another perspective besides your own

Sitting in the glashouse....

You ask me to try to thiink from another perspecitve? Sorry, but that was the best joke today! Just read your comments again and tell me who is not able to think further than his own horizon, his own possibilities, his own environment...
Who ever said that I would ever stand up riding a bike. I just don't. So I do not need a leaver to pull up on. The only thing I pull up is the backward pedal. The handlebar is quite narrow because the bike is used in the city only and I like to wheesle between the lanes.
The gearing is not as bad as it looks. Take your bikes e.g.. They propably got a 52t in front and a 11, 12 or 13 in the back as most road racers have. All those have a higer ratio than mine. My preference is less in sprinting away from the traffic light than comfortabel fast riding without the feeling to sit in a hamster-wheel.
In case that you did not notice: usually people just shut the f.... up if they do not like a bike or do not see any beauty in it. You are welcome to do the same. Certainly I will not pick on your bikes since I left kindergarden a while ago...


By far the worst bike on here in terms of efficiency. Have you heard of good cadence? Those bars do nothing to improve your riding either. You really need to rethink your bike sensibility. The entire thing screams "I don't know how to build a proper bike."

Things to change:

1. Get wider bars
2. Fix your saddle position
3. Change your gear ratio so that you don't explode your knee caps and you can actually bike up a 1% grade.

Your suggested modifications....

... were quite amusing! Thanks for that.
I appreciate that you let other people built up there bikes without making inappropriate remarks!

Did I, in any way, hinder

Did I, in any way, hinder your ability to build your bike? I think not. It's there, built up in what I assume is real life, and by now, even today, I figure you rode it. I didn't "let" you do anything. And just so you know, at some point you will receive bad remarks about your bikes. I know you've felt really good about all the good remarks you've gotten for each of your other bikes. The only bike of yours that is actually built well is your cannondale. go ahead and rip on my bikes, I don't care. At least my bikes make sense in the way they're built.

you're just literally scared

you're just literally scared of his awesome gear ratio, i bet if you have/had a singlespeed or fixed your ratio would be something like 20/15

stop criticizing his bike, its awesome, and by the way, keeping a cadence of 20mph+ IS perfectly normal, i do it all the time.

oh, and my gear ratio right now is a 52/15 on a fixed gear. grow up.

nice bike dude, keep riding that 61 ring! where did you find it??

Chain Ring supplier

Thanks for your comment.
I got my chain ring here:

In case you might be thinking about getting one: check if the chainring does not touch the chain stay. I built a dummy out of cardboard to test the size.


By writing that "The only bike of yours that is actually built well is your cannondale" you kinda disqualified yourself and your ability to judge and compare bikes. Each and every point you criticized on the Binanchi is practically identical to the Capo- the gearing, the saddle position and the width of the handlebar.... Sure you do not only look at the pictures ;)
No further questions your honor!

The burnt giraffe

Amazing assemblage. Gearing defies the atmosphere. Love the textured paint work. Bars took me a while to wrap my head around. It needs a drag chute.

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