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Leave cycling alone...find

Leave cycling alone...find another fad soon please. There is so much wrong with this picture, and some of the comments from both sides, you're only garnering hate. Thanks.

this pic looks like a urban outfitters add. lol

cool pic. nice colors. these look like the bikes at spokes and strings in south williamsburg.

hehehehe.....white strips on

hehehehe.....white strips on fixies

these look like a bunch of

these look like a bunch of republic bikes

dirty hipster retards

dirty hipster retards



i know that throw up from a mile away!

nice ride.

guilty as charged...

thanks dude. you from nj, union city?

this bike

is a f-ing dung heap. it is like you just trolled around looking for the trendiest p.o.s. parts so you could fit in at the skate park with your stupid fixed gear bike. p.s. the skateboarders are laughing at you when you do wheelies

stupid douche

i dont go anywhere near a skatepark or do wheelies on my track bike.
dont get me mixed up with the clips you see on youtube.


Woah dude, no brakes? You must be so hardcore!!!!!!!!!!!

i am hardcore

dont think i do tricks on my track bike.

Very cool, shake the haters

Very cool, shake the haters off, as it were.


did so spend so much money on parts for a terrible frame

first of all do you own a nycbikes frame?

i pushed it to the limits on this frame, and it still holds up.
im not talking about no wheelies or barspins either.

If it held up, you didn't

If it held up, you didn't really push it to the limit.
When frames get pushed to the limit, they don't hold up.
That's what limit means.

"A point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass."

Actually if it was pushed TO

Actually if it was pushed TO the limit it would still hold up because thats its limit. It wouldn't holdup if you pushed it beyond the limit.

There is no way to know if

There is no way to know if it was indeed pushed to the limit if it held up. The limit can only be found by pushing until it does not hold up.

Or by using maths, but fuck that.

HED3 or Aerospoke

will you sell either one of them

nah sorry, those are my

nah sorry, those are my babies, i cant let them go.

Are me and you the only

Are me and you the only people on velospace with NYC bikes frames? I can't find any others.

nyc frame

yeah if u look at my buddies its the white frame with the babypink bullhorns i think its a nyc frame.

White, Pink, Black...

Super hot. Love your bike!

Great Bike

Seriously is, If your around this week Thursday in brooklyn theres a competition goin on. LIVE Under the BQE Thursday, November 15th 8pm
Meeker at Jackson | Brooklyn
Entry: Sprints, slalom and drag,
Tricks,flatland and wheelies,Skids,
long and style


I LOVE your ride!

XXX Miss Stephanye the
Single Speed Deamon

Awesome Bike!!

Awesome bike man, I would rock the pink here in NYC but to avoid the critics I don't. I know bad excuse, add more pink!

Angel Dust

thanks dude, hope to see you riding around one day.

Great bike man.

Great bike man.

thanks dude

thanks dude


who built the frame? it looks kond of like an NYC Bikes City Fixed. Nice looking anyway.

yes nycbikes.

yes nycbikes.

Bar tape?

What kind of bar tape is that? It looks like the old "Fruit Stripe" gum from when I was a kid!


That's a sick [email protected] collections. The KAWS is so nasty. And the KAWS bunny, I see some tofu down there. Good stuff, and that's a nice piece on the wall.

You should check out our store, we sell lots of toys and if you're in Boulder, CO we carry Montana, and a few of us are bike geeks.

tee hee

you're tiny...

yeah im asian bro, im 5'5

yeah im asian bro, im 5'5 ive higher the seat a little yesterday. while messing around with the adjustments.

boku mo "ASIAN" desu.

boku mo "ASIAN" desu.



fix the bars!

fix the bars!



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