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Cinelli Super Corsa Pista

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Bought some chrome track forks to drill and run a brake. I'm not brave enough for no brakes in NYC and I don't mind admitting it.

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Very nice machine!

Just started riding fixed and am realizing how bad I need a brake. I'm afraid to go fast without one. A full drive side picture is badly needed here! :D Cheers from Guadalajara, Mexico.

hold up a sec

did you actually drill out a vintage merckx fork?? wwwwwwwwwwtf.


on that

Spare fork, going nowhere in

Spare fork, going nowhere in my cupboard. Yes Merckx. So what?

Drilled forks.

Clamp on brake is an excellent alternative, save your forks!


...i'm also sure the keirin brake kit would be mounted more securely than a track fork drilled w/o a flush surface.


did you say "forks"
i'll buy the other one/many off your hands for tons of dollars

Nice ride, man!

Good for you for having enough balls to admit to needing a brake.

No sarcasm intended.

Let's see some nicer pictures!

chrome fork.

what fork is that?


Its actually a vintage merckx track fork, so keeps the geometry the same as the original cinelli as its near idenitcal in rake, clearance etc. I came across it on ebay ages ago.


you wanna sell me that cinelli fork then??

Whoa whoa whoa. All about

Whoa whoa whoa. All about that front brake but you drilled a goddamn hole in a Merckx???!!!??? Jesus dude you know they make really high quality "old school" chrome track forks with brake holes in them right?

Pretty bike and all but that's just sad.

Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

Hot bike! And a fork, Merckx

Hot bike!

And a fork, Merckx or not, is a fork, so drill it if you need a brake.

awesome bike man!

Better safe than sorry right ;) !

Super Cinelli

Good on you for straight thinking.

I don't care who makes the fork.

If your riding on the street, a brake will save your life.

I'm sure Mr Merckx would agree.

Fine machine.


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