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Another Beer Bike         Featured Bike! on 11/4/2009

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 53 | BEER | dork dish | dp18 | more tags >>
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Peugeot Versailles / 53cm / 1987?

Apehangers / Atax


Spinergy Rev-X


Sugino / IRO


odyssey / KMC



42/18 = 2.33333333333


Real fun fixie for tailgates. Hold your beer on the back, open a fresh one with the bottle opener mounted to the down tube, and keep a cool one in the bottle holder.

Mich Ultra, for the active lifestyle. Cheers.

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The pie plate behind the

The pie plate behind the fixed cog is hilarious.

Edit: double

Edit: double

That, is fuckin' rad! Very

That, is fuckin' rad!

Very creative.

Thanks for sharin'.


you my friend have won 26

you my friend have won 26 free internets for this!


gotta get a basket on there bra~!

Ha ha ha! Wonderful!

Ha ha ha! Wonderful! The pie plate on the fixed, the ape hangers, the Spinergy... this is a total work of art.

A legend is born

Pick it up by the ankles and spank it -- that's just fresh.


wow. just wow. The spinergy makes in perfect.

Never mind the pie plate...

What about the Ultra? Hilarious!

actually rules

actually rules

very nice!

I felt pretty cool cruising around with apes too. Its the most comfortable bar setup I have used, maybe I will cruise them again.


A Spinergy, pie plate...and apehangers? Yes please!


me like it alot!

Hell yes, that is the

Hell yes, that is the shit!!!!

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