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NJS Samson Keirin Track

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | Cadence | concor | more tags >>
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Samson Illusion Columbus NJS Keirin

Nitto Kalavinka Risers, Nitto Jaguar 120mm

Samson Sloping Crown, Dura Ace NJS

Gold Deep V, DT Swiss DB Spokes, Dura Ace 36h NJS High Flange

Gold Deep V, DT Swiss DB Spokes, Dura Ace 36h NJS High Flange

Dura Ace 7710 165mm, Dura Ace 7710 Octalink

Selle San Marco Concor Confort, Nitto Gold NJS

MKS Custom Nuevo, Izumi Super Toughness

Euro Asia 18t, Dura Ace 47t

Hi! I like bikes! Do you? Cool! Nice day isn't it? Kittens are cute, also...

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what what

Freaking awesome! i need gold wheels now!


she's purdy

ack! ooooh man, i need this

ack! ooooh man, i need this bike in midget size!!!!! super flashy!


your bike in fast friday? Oh by the way it's amazing!

perty bike

is it for sale?

2 of 4



who ever own this now should put up some new pics!

tat is the best bike in the

tat is the best bike in the world

Holy Shit...I am in love. if

Holy Shit...I am in love. if u ever donate your bike...I want it

this is a very

beautiful bike.


Done like a true G..... GO HUSKIES

love that seat. is it new?

love that seat. is it new? and if so do you know where i can find one?


This whole bike is for sale! Email me with questions:
[email protected]


Super sweet dude.. Very classy. When your not around this bike pimps other bikes.

Your Samson and my...

Gan Well should be brothers. Nice work. The rims are crazy!!! Perfect place to shoot the pics. I love Gas Works park...

your group?

did you get it @ ben's ?


Yeah! Call Steve at Ben's and tell him Adam sent you!


i like yer sexy bike.


I want your bike. I rock the gold group as well, and Ive been looking for a samson frame that fits me. That bike is beautiful

P.I.M.P. true playa fo' real

now you are a true bling gangsta non a samson.
that thing wasn't cheap huh?
nice work I like the custom anodized Deep Vs to match the group


Oh man that bike is beautiful! And its Lakers colors too! Both of them rock so hard :D

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