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Peugeot PH 10 L - Mid 80's

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Frame: Peugeot Carbolite 103 / Size: 57cm / Year: Mid 80's

Handle bars: SR World Randonneur / Stem: Stock - No name alloy

Fork: Peugeot Stock / Headset: Threaded - Peugeot stock - French sized bearings

Front Wheel: 700c / Hub: Maillard 21 85 / Rim: Alloy 25mm - doubled walled - spoke eyelets / Tire: Vittoria Zaffiro - 28mm

Front Wheel: 700c / Hub: Maillard Helico Matic / Rim: Alloy 25mm - doubled walled - spoke eyelets / Tire: Vittoria Zaffiro - 28mm

Crankset: S - Made in France (Probably Simplex?) / Bottom Bracket: Stock - No Name

Saddle: Selle Royal Soft Fit / Seat Post: Stock - French diameter

Pedals: SR SP-12 - Made in Japan

Simplex all around

Brakes: CLB / Brake Levers: Weinman

12 Speed / 52-48 / 24-14


Bought this bike real cheap spring 2009 from someone who switched to a mountain bike. Changed the handle bars and tape, brake levers, tires and took it all apart and oiled and greased. Runs great.

I ended up riding this bike a lot last summer (2010)... it's a real good ride. A little big for me, but I don't race or anything and it's confortable, so it does the trick. I just pick up the Helicomatic tool on Ebay last week. Real bargain!!! I'd been looking for that tool at a reasonable price for a while now. Plan on using this bike a lot next summer.

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All right!

You made it a more beautiful thing! Thanks!

Yes, any type of bike is better than another car on the road.

Cars are coffins.

You are a bike rescuer.

You are a bike rescuer. People far too often take innocent peugeot's and bikes like this and mutilate them into terrible fixies.
Thank you.

Fixies are fine be me!

I really do love saving old bikes from the dumspter, or from years in the rain. However, I wouldn't say fixies are terrible. I think fixies are a good thing for cycling. I think it's a trend that has helped introduce a lot of people into cycling. Look at this site for exemple... mostly fixies... and a LOT of people are on here.

Any type of bike is better than another car on the road.

No matter the bike... BMX, cruiser, fixie, cyclocross, MTB, track bike, touring rig... who cares... we all have the same engine.

Have good one!


Saving a bike

Thanks for saving this bike and for sharig your work with us. In my case, i love old and new road bikes, and old and new velodrome bikes. I dislike those old road frames converted into pink fixies with little handlebars etc. But i totally agree with you, those things get people into cycling and everyone have their own taste for bikes. But i would totally prefer to save and old bike to its original look rather than turning it into some new flashy thing. Again, thanks for sharing.


Joey Volpe

Thanks. I love this bike. I think Peugeots' - the ones made in France - were excellent bikes and still are for casual riders like myself. I know what you mean about the conversions. I prefer bikes with gears, but I live in the foothills of the Appalachians. I can see the use of single speed in flat cities, polo, etc. I have a couple single speeds myself and they are really nice on flat land rides. One of my friends just converted an awesome Lotus with Shimano 600 into a fixie. I have to say it kinda of broke my heart, but again it got him into bicycle mechanics and he loves it now... so that's a good thing. I also have to say his bike looks really amazing. For me it's more about utility, comfort and versatility, but to each his own... I'm just real happy I can talk bike with my friend now!

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