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90's Puegeot Road Bike

Bike tags: Road bike
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Good ones

not so comfortable


pretty sweet

I am trying to learn about my bike so help me out everything on the bike is o.g.

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I miss my old Peugeot.

sweet posters brah

added to my cluster.

holy sweet awesomeness!!!!

As the great Scott Hall would say....
Hey Yo!
survay saysss.... Yesss!

F the crappy bike junk, that thing looks super Miami Vice. Hot.

Way to put a shine on'er.


i have a versailles also. i

i have a versailles also. i love the white. its really clean.


i just saw a bum-looking dude riding a peugeot that looks exactly like that yesterday here.

Yeah, that seat is

Yeah, that seat is definitely uncomfortable. I hate concor style saddles with a passion. It helps if you angle it up just a noch or two though.

What do you want to know about your bike? I know a little bit about these because I have owned a few and researched a bit.

seatpost size

I also have the Versailles, but I'm not sure what year it is. Do you happen to know what size the seatpost is and where I can find one?

i can tell you i have almost

i can tell you i have almost the same bike. 1987 style. the brakes are dangerously crappy and the non recessed bolt kind so you cant exactly upgrade to nicer newer brakes.

i blame france. sorry.

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