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Wanye Kotzur built Custom - 653 - Superbe Pro

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58cm Wanye Kotzur built Custom - 653 - freshly powder coated

Stynace bull horns with a old cheap stem powdercoated to match , but it was the only surviving part from my first ever roadie that was hit by a car.

653 reynolds , superbe pro

superbe pro hub with Mavic 4cd rim

shimano 600 hub 8sp with Mavic 4cd rim

superbe pro -superbe pro 53-40t

NOS turbo

shimano touring style which suit the around town use this bke gets.

8 sp superbe pro shifters with a shimano 600 rd but looking for a superbe pro rd

superbe pro with the enclosed spring.

53-40 up front to 11-23t on the back

almost fixed this but liked the old sun tour superbe pro to much. great bike, still to get hand stitched leather grips when the time is right.

have a look at the other picture of the build at my flicker page

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Pump placement!

I have never seen a pump placed on the seat stays like that before.
Does it ever fall off?
I think I'm going to copy you on my road bike.
Now if i can only find that mounting plate.

yeah it great place for the

yeah it great place for the pump, I don't have any issues with it there, I used to run a pump there on an older roadie I had and it was even more secure as I pointed the Quick release lever upward in the locked position and the pump sat on the point of the Q/R level which made it supper secure. but even though I run skewers with Allen keys it still fits in againt the drop out nicely.

PS Its a nice 3Rensho fleet you have.



I love Superbe Pro!

Great bike. Hope you find a good Superbe Pro rd. I bought a well used one off ebay, and decided it was too worn to use.
But I think I've got the same model 600 rd you have, works great, built like a tank.

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