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Raleigh Tarantula - Winter Bike

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Raleigh Tarantula / 50 cm-19.5 inches / Early 1990's - Made in Canada

No Name - Very nice alloy - Looks like and feels like stanless steel

Stock fork / Aheadset - Basic Model

Acera X Hub / Sun Rims TL18 / Nokian Extreme 294

Acera X Hub / Sun Rims TL18 / Nokian Exteme 294

Sugino Triple Crank - DZF 48 / Sugino cups / No name spindle

Selle Royale - Mikado Branded - Touring / No name seat post

No name aluminum alloy platform pedales / Shimano narrow chain

Shimano friction shifters / Shimano Tourney - all metal body friction rear derailleur / Shimano bottom pull - Basic model

LX Brakes / Lee Chi oversided brake levers

21 Speed - Haven't checked the ratio yet, but very interesting ride withe the Sugino 48 triple crank - Fast for a beater


This bike was built specificaly for winter riding... and I live in Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada... so I mean WINTER... 10-15 feet of Snow, -25 degrees celsius, etc. I really like the Sugino crank which weighs a ton but could probably survive a nuclear attack. I also like the frame. These early 90's - Made in Canada - Trantula frames have a very interesting geometry. They are a nice mix of commuter, touring mountain bike and light trail riding frames. If I find another one of these I'll turn it into a nice day tour off road bike. What is interesting about this bike is that it is about 90% built with parts I found in junk yards over the summer. It's not the prettiest or the fastest, but it's built to last.

I used it all winter of 2009. The Nokian Extremes 294 are awesome. I would recommend them to anyone who lives in a rural area - were roads are often covered in ice and snow. For city riding I would say they are probably overkill. The bike worked fine. Only problem I had was intense corrosion around March when temperatures start to increase and salt on the roads starts to make everything want to jam. A little grease and light oil fixed that right up. I just put a wire brush to the drive train and derailleurs in the spring. To those for who the esthetics of their bike is very important don't used it in this kinda a winter weather... corrosion is absolutly invevitable. I use cheap components - friction shifters, axel mounted derailleurs, etc. - that are easily replacebale - really like the old Shimano Tourney. Keep a spare chaine handy. A good trick I learned was to use oil for high air pressure tools. It's light and is usually certified to work at very low temperature - like -40 celcius. It is especially important to put a lot of it in the freewheel... which can stop engaging when the lever inside the mechanisme stays down when frozen. Grease your componets a little and your chain... this is really important in spring. I keep my bike in the cold... I don't bring it in and out - corrosion increases big time with the change in tremperature. It's really love winter riding and plan on doing a lot more of it in the coming years.

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Good to see a fellow winter

Good to see a fellow winter rider in New Brunswick (I'm in Fredericton). Feels like I'm the only out there on those -25 days sometimes haha


like the cage for your bottle of ice ;-)

I am envious; I'm on the

I am envious; I'm on the hunt for a good winter beater now :)

don't know if I'd call this a beater per say ;)

Joey Volpe Oh yeah it`s a

Joey Volpe

Oh yeah it`s a beater for sure!


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