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Bianchi D2 Super Pista (sold)         Featured Bike! on 01/9/2010

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Bianchi D2 Super Pista

Deda Elementi/Thomson X2


Mavic Ellipse/Conti Gatorskin

Mavic Ellipse/Conti Gatorskin

Sugino 75

Specialized Road Comp/Thomson Elite

Shimano 105/Sram

49/17 around town. 49/15 on the track

This is my bike I intend on using for the track and as an excessive ride for around town on nice days. I flipped the stem and now just use drops. It fits so much better now.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture. I'll get a camera eventually.

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How is the ride quality compared to, say, a standard steel-framed Bianchi Pista?

I wouldn't know.

I've never ridden one.

But in comparison to my affinity lo pro, the bianchi is more aggressive, but it still rolls down the street pretty smoothly. Aluminum isn't nearly as uncomfortable as people make it out to be.

people dont really make

people dont really make aluminum out to be very comfortable....but... i like your bike...well...i just like pista concepts in general haha

it's not a concept

but thanks

i did the same for my

i did the same for my concept. i swore it was only going to get track drops and be ridden on the track. broke down real quick and put risers and took it on the road.

Definitely a good choice you

Definitely a good choice you went with the Sugino crank in black for this build.


It's a nicer look and it's much quieter.

Yay you got the ellipse!

Yay you got the ellipse!

Yeah they're awesome!

I finally gave up on waiting for mavic to ship the wheels to my shop so I went to another shop that had them in stock and picked them up there.

I'm really happy with them. The hubs were really smooth even before i had taken them for a ride. I can't wait to see what they are like once the seals have been broken in.

I can imagine ;)

I can imagine ;)

I can imagine ;)

I can imagine ;)


this is quite sexy, drool*

Thanks a ton!

Just wait until it is done, though.
Then it will be even better.

I love the set up as is, but

I love the set up as is, but can't wait to see when it's fully built!

How stiff is it for street riding?

I bet it will probably show its true colors on the track.

I can't wait either!

It's an awesome ride on the street. I don't know what people are talking about when they say aluminum frames will beat you up. This thing is smooth even with 23c tires at 100psi.

I'm sure it will. I just need to get my ass out there.

Hey man...

How do you like the mavic open pro cds?

You asked me that earlier

on this same page. Scroll down to the bottom and check it out.



Nice bike!

Nice bike!

Cool looking bike, a pair of

Cool looking bike, a pair of ellipse will make it look even better :)


I'm trying to sell my affinity to roumnd up some cash so I can finish this guy up.

I thought there was a big

I thought there was a big marked for affinitys? As for making your Bianchi complete, I would go for a Deda sterm and seat post, so it will be Italian like the frame. And a nice Fizik of course :)

I've had a couple of people express interest,

but no one has come through yet.

Eh, the full italian thing doesn't move me much. It's pretty tough to beat thomson for the price. Plus, that would require me getting campy record cranks which are outrageously expensive and wheels that are significantly more expensive than the mavics and only come in tubular. If I only rode this on the track, I would be fine with tubular, but I ride on the street every day and tubulars would just be asking for trouble.
I've heard some bad things about fizik saddles. My friend said it was the comfiest saddle he had ever used, but after a week of riding it, he started feeling a little bit of numbness in his reproductive organs. I'm not sure how I feel about that haha.

Nice, you got the D2. I saw

Nice, you got the D2. I saw your posting a while ago about this or the Vig. Definintley a nice bike.


I'm really happy with it.


I've liked all of your last three choices in bikes man, keep up the good work. When its done, I'm sure it will ride fast and look beautiful. How have your open pros held up? I'm thinking of picking up some to replace my heavy ass miche pistards. I'm over all that "deep v" garbage.

Thanks a ton

I'll do my best ha. I think I'm done buying bikes for a while now. A few components here and there, but no frames for at least a year.

I've only had one ride on it so far and it was snowing like mad. I'll let you know how it is when I can actually get out there and ride on some dry pavement.
The picture doesn't do this bike justice.

My open pros are awesome. I've had no problems with them and I beat the shit out of my wheels.

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