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2008 Bianchi Pista Concept

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2008 Pista Concept

Deda / Ritchey 4 axis Wet White

Bianchi Pista CF Fork / Cane Creek (Stock)

Mavic Ellipse Wheel / Rubino Pro (Celeste)

Mavic Ellipse Wheel / Rubino Pro (Celeste)

Sugino 75 Black / 75 Black Chainring 48t / Philwood Titanium Campy Spec BB

Fizik Arione / Miche Supertype

MKS RX-1 / Sram PC-1

Can't say I'm generally a

Can't say I'm generally a big fan of Pista Concepts, but this is a very classy build.

Nice photos, too. Beautiful background separation :)

Mavic Ellipse

I've been wanting these wheels for some time now, do you ride them on the road? I've asked some bike shops and people who have had them and they keep saying they're no good for the road.. Obviously their track specific wheels but.. How are they treating you?

Mavic Ellipses are actually

Mavic Ellipses are actually perfect for riding on the streets. I've never had to true them since I've been riding them for over half a year.
I hear they are basically Mavic Cosmic rims laced to track hubs. So road rims.
I don't trick so I can't say how well they work for that, but I've ridden off curbs and over potholes, and they handle very well. They're pretty damn bombproof. I've never had to worry about them failing on me, despite all those wheelies I've tried to pull. They feel super solid, even with 20 spokes per wheel and I love how they're bladed too.
The one downside of the Ellipse is their weight. Not to say that they're very heavy for what they are, but there are def lighter wheels. But it's not like weight matters racing on the track anyhow.
So overall, it's perfect for a street fixed setup. They look fragile, but they're def not. I love them to pieces.

not for sale

sorry homie..but seeing that this is my first personal build and is my favorite bike out of my collection. I highly doubt that I will be selling it anytime soon, if ever. Good luck with your search!

so into it!

so into it!

really great work. top notch

really great work. top notch concept build. excellent colors in the photo, pretty much this whole image and bike are spot on.


Nice, a fellow photographer as well. Great job!(with the bike and the photo itself)


oh and where did you get

oh and where did you get that stand, I like it

leaf grinder.

it's a trainer. the thing on the back is like resistance, and the bottom spins like rollers. works better as a leaf grinder in this picture :P

AMAZING build.

it's actually a stand and

it's actually a stand and not a trainer. it's a single bike stand from a company that was bought out by feedback sports.

I don't like the

I don't like the stem/handlebar angle, but I like the bike

looks great!

I just picked up a bianchi d2 super pista yesterday and I'm planning on using the same wheelset.

I hope it comes out as well as your concept!


nice build, nice photos. again, crisp

i'm thinking of getting the

i'm thinking of getting the mavic ellipse wheelset, how do you like it?

ellipse wheelset

one of my favorite wheel sets. Light and very durable.

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