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colnago pista         Featured Bike! on 08/30/2010

Bike tags: Track bike | 3tt | campagnolo | cinelli | colnago | more tags >>
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colnago pista



campy shamal

record atlanta





looking for shamal backwheel to complete.

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I have a rear pista shamal for you..


I sure hope smut like this is NOT excepted by this site! Please put a censor bar up.

once you get that shamal....

once you get that shamal.... itll be perfect.

Icy cold scheme, very

Icy cold scheme, very beautiful bike.

Do you want to sell that

Do you want to sell that frame if you still have it??

I'm loving the magic wand on

I'm loving the magic wand on the seat LOL.....great looking build!


It really doesn't get better than that. Love the wink to pursuit geometry - yet totally ride-able!

I would not be able to get

I would not be able to get away with running a rear shamal, at least i would never risk it.

I know how tough they are but with skids in mind and street abuse, no chance survival for the beloved shamal not too mention the risk of a spoke breaking..


shamals shamals shamals. lust. haha


Really nice pic. It reminds me the movie "The Neverending Story".
It could be the Empress' bike.

GungayaCycle !!

GungayaCycle !!

Straight Up



I feel like I should be making cat calls :)

that bike

begs for the track.

Your bike makes me very sad.

Your bike makes me very sad. Because I will never have anything anywhere near this level. I really should stop browsing around this site. It just breaks my heart.






Extremely hot! Thats all I can say..

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