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1972/3 Lambert of England

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Lambert of England, model unknown / 1027 cro-mo


Fork of Death, cast aluminum

Original Lambert


Lambert center pull

A professor in college gave this bike of his wife's to me after hearing I was into cycling. After some short research, I discovered that Sheldon Brown advised to never ride these bikes due to the "Fork of Death", and also the BB spindle is prone to breaking. It is a shame to not be able to ride this, it is pretty and light. Some day I may grow the sack to saddle up on it. Until then, it hangs on the wall in my garage.

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more bounce to the ounce.

more bounce to the ounce.

But your fork may be okay anyway,

On our Viscount, we installed a new fork but you know what? We did not have the death fork, we pulled it out and a magnet stuck on the steering column part of the fork, meaning it was a newer fork than the all aluminium fork. So, I did not have to take it to the LBS to get a new fork but I was all uptight about it so I did and now I have an extra fork!! But the new fork is okay too. Changing forks is just one repair I can't make really easily myself.

But I think the danger part is overblown anyway, some top riders would take a Viscount stock as on the floor and race them and beat other more prestigious expensive racing bikes.

Your Lambert is awesomely beautiful...

Death Fork

You can just use a different fork. Phil Wood makes a bottom bracket for it.

re: Death Fork

The "death fork" thing, in my opinion, was nothing more than a marketing ploy used by the then competitors to slow down the hot item these Viscounts were back in the day. I ride a Viscount Aerospace GP death fork and all. I have yet to see one actual artical of a death or any other form of carnage due to the breaking of one of these forks. Oh and all the other major brands out there have had forks go on them. But you don't hear folks referring to these in any detrimental way. Take the thing off of the wall and ride it, even if you want to just coast up and down your driveway. The bike is a work of art.

At any rate, you can just use a Tange chrome fork

...which was the replacement Yamaha sent out after they bought Lambert/Viscount; they're cheap enough. My understanding of the problem, if you believe there was one, was that the steerer tube was pinned to the crown, rather than brazed.

Anyway, I've added you to the 50.4 cluster:

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