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MCoopDesign - The Rainbow Dragon         Featured Bike! on 04/11/2011

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92' Nishiki International - vertical dropouts

60's English Raliegh Flatback stem

Velocity-CampyMirage- I built it!

I made this too- Velocity, African Ladie Tie Die print disc cover

Campy Record. Phil Wood

Brooks Swallow

53/14 fix 53/16 free

WHen I get up to 88mph I can generate 3-4 inches of lift from the ground

So I upholter bicycle parts: Wheels, Grips, Saddles, Handlebars, Frames. It looks incredible, and I sell it too.

Like what you see? Check my site out:

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Hippie Dumpster diver

Design inspired by the same school of thought as when an illegal gets a Kragen credit card and adds every piece of gold anodized plastic piece of crap to his Nissan Sentra 4 door. And then breaks down with six people in the fast lane!!! LOL. Was it really easier to buy five washer than the correct bolt to cinch the seat post? And what happens when the duct-taped rag on the left grip slides off at 87 MPH??? I love this thing but wouldn't want to be drafting in the Rastafarian stench I imagine it producing.


im all about some self expression. do the damn thing!

really like

the handlebar shot, looks awesome

This bike is absolute funny.

This bike is absolute funny. Your design is cool because there is no rule in it. The colour and the crazy details give a fucking big smile to me. I can give you a contact to a vodoo priest, who generates some magic inches more of lift from the ground and some flash plus thunder. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON´T SELL IT.

where can i see a video of

where can i see a video of these wheels @ high speeds?



its like when you were a kid

its like when you were a kid and you ate too many mike and ikes and got sick.
then you threw it all up. on your bike.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

dope. this is what a bike

dope. this is what a bike would look like on drugs.

Its like you covered a turd

Its like you covered a turd in shit.


and bicycles have had the same basic shape and lines for 100 years. There are far too many posts of bikes on this site alone that are the same old boring shit.

Yes its tried and true technology, triple triangle, two wheels, great.
But common, have a little self expression! We are practically mimicking the automotive industry.

You gotta love self

You gotta love self expression :) I'm curious. What does it say on the rear wheel/rim?


I write poetry. There is a poem on each side of the wheel, both which are very simplistic:

On the Starboard side, we read:

In a pond,
the smallest ripple
reaches the most distant shores.

Love sews us together
in the fabric of the Universe

as we are all connected.

On the Post side, we read:

"Mother's arms are outstretched
waiting for us to breathe her embrace
so we can explode into Heaven
and revel
in Love endlessly."

I like to call this particular style of poetry sugary-spiritual.
Enjoy :)

Love it

Duckies!! :)

Haha....Cooper. Savannah's

Haha....Cooper. Savannah's nuttiest bike. What happened to the peanut butter jar?

Holy crap, I think I'm

Holy crap, I think I'm having a seizure!


reminds me of that time in the park I ate these fungi and just kinda thought about stuff :)

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