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Bridgestone Silver Bullet         Featured Bike! on 12/16/2009

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 54.5cm | Baltimore | bridgestone | concor | more tags >>
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Bridgestone NJS / 54.5 / 1999

Nitto B123AA 39cm / B-Witch riser / Nitto Jaguar 100mm

Bridgestone / Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

36h Dura Ace 7600 / DT Swiss spokes, tied and soldered / Velocity Deep V

36h Dura Ace 7600 110mm spacing / DT Swiss spokes, tied and soldered / Velocity Deep V

Sugino Grand Mighty 165mm / Hatta R9400

Concor confort perforated / Nitto Jaguar SP72

MKS RX-1, MKS toe clips, Toshi double straps / Izumi V

50/17 / Sugino 75 S-cubic ring / EAI superstar cog

Tight and fun, but too small for me. Now sold and has a new home in Minneapolis.

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gotta love the bridgestones

gotta love the bridgestones and NJS

in general, such solid and fast bikes..

your collection is amazing

your collection is amazing


Thanks man! I appreciate it. I hope you don't think I had them all at the same time though, there is no way I could afford that haha, I've only had one track bike at a time.

Black stem

Black stem IS killin it!


Killing it as in good or bad? Haha

Your bike...


heavy look

this is a very nice cycle! x

New pictures are sexy.

New pictures are sexy. Loving it (still)

great colors

I love the red tape


Thank you! Its hard to tell by the photos but they're actually champ grips. I like your Panasonic a lot too!

how do you like b-witch risers



I like them a lot, I feel like the bends, sweep, width and everything are really comfortable. They have a pretty high rise, 2" I think, which was too high for me with a pearl stem, but with a jaguar they are perfect. My only complaint is that because the bends are really tight they are extremely hard to get on a quill stem, so I scratched them up a bit doing that.

So cool

So cool

simply clean

simply clean

gotta love the bridgestones

gotta love the bridgestones and NJS in general, such solid and fast bikes..

Hows your reach with that Jag and drop combo? Im 5'9" on a 54 NJS and ran a pearl 100 to a b123 but the drops were too deep still!

Roll on bruthaman


They're definitely awesome, I love mine.

Yeah for a little while I wasn't sure whether to get B123s or the more shallow B125 until I borrowed my friend's B123 and they feel great for me. But I'm 5' 11", and the setup now feels perfect. If anything I think my next frame will be slightlyyy bigger, like a 55 or maybe 55.5.

no doubt man

no doubt man, my 54 Samson NJS - trying to get it set perfect.
i sorta want a 90/100 jag for my new b125. think ima keep ms. pearl for the riser fuck! i miss my bike!

i bet you can pull a 55-56. for me, it seems like im pushing it with the 54ness but who knows. its rad, never really toe overlaps...i think its best to have a slightly larger frame size if you ride in the street lots - so much variation between njs frames its crazy,for instance my downtube measures to be a 57 and its 54square tt,st, wtf?!

i wanna speak with mr. harada wtfd

downtubes are always without

downtubes are always without exception longer than top tubes and seatubues. simple geometry, it would be physically impossible for the downtube to be the same length or shorter.


That, much,!

wow, trade you in a

wow, trade you in a heartbeat. lol


thats beautiful, i would not change anything ever, thats a bike i would LOVE to own and ride

Great job.

Beautiful build.

That's a really nice build.

That's a really nice build. Not so colorful like so many bikes nowadays. Hey how tall are you ? I have a 52 Bomber Pro. I'm thinking of getting a little bigger one. I'm 5'8 with 31 standover


Thanks man, I like simple, clean looking bikes. Your Bomber Pro looks sick too. I'm around 5' 11", and with a 100mm stem I think this feels really good.

Thanks man. That's why I

Thanks man. That's why I like your bike. Simple. So 5'11 might be a big for me I guess ? I might have to go with a 53


Yeah I mean everyone has different preferences but if you feel like your bike is too small I'd go with a 53, 53.5, or maybe even a 54. My bike feels amazing but I think I could ride a 55 or 55.5 also. But since I ride bmx I'm used to a smaller bike. Like I said it's all your preferences.

True. I just wish I knew

True. I just wish I knew someone in Chicago with a NJS bike size 53-54 so I can try it out. Well see. Thanks again

Bridgestones are the Bizness!

i should know...i have one. real clean build...looks like the ride's amazing!


great build. simple. clean. fancy. all at the same time.

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