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IRO fixed street/track

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IRO "Jamie Roy" 53cm w/ copper accents

lightly chopped Steel Nitto 123 / Elk Hide wrap / Polished IRO stem

stock IRO fork ... cane creek S3 headset w/ custom copper spacer, brass bell

32h Velocity Deep V radial / IRO polished high flange hub , custom front brake setup w/ Polished Tektro calipers

32h Velocity Deep V twist/radial / IRO polished high flange fixed/fixed hub

Polished Shimano 600 cranks / Shimano UN-91

Trimmed Brooks Swift Saddle / polished Race Face seatpost

Eggbeaters / KMC gold chain

Wheels Manufacturing 16T/Surly 18T ... Drilled and Polished Sugino 46T Chainring ... gold anodized chainring bolts

Wanted a front brake setup to remain legal on the street and for that last second emergency.
I ended up finding an old Shimano mountain lever originally designed to clamp around the handlebar. Tried it but hated the look as it destroyed to sleekness of the bike. I then set out to modify the heck out of the mountings (ie lots of grinding and cutting)until I could fit it to the actual stem face clamp (which I also had to substantially modify) . The solution was elegant, out of the way from riding on the wraps and still accessible ... But, as someone pointed out "the only downside would be the fingerprints on the bars if I did use it" ... I'll take that.

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Is that really just the

Is that really just the stock iro stem?

It sure is ... after a lot

It sure is ... after a lot of hand polishing. the brake setup is an addon ...

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Dig that brake.

I would like to set a brake like that up on my upcoming build? Any advice? Is there a particular style of clamp that I need to start with in order to manipulate it to fit the stem faceplate?

now normally not a fan of brakes, water bottles or anything of the like. however my friend you have done quite a job! mighty build, one of the best lookin iro's out


Nice attention to detail.

you should

post new pictures to show us all how it's faired through the years.
Man, I feel old having been on here so long now.

Looks pretty much the same

Looks pretty much the same except for the white leather grips not being white anymore ... lol ... maybe I could dye them ... still haven't had to use the front brake ... knock on wood


Fingerprints on the bars are a downside now? that's just sad..


Truly astonishing work of art finished to the finest detail, honestly one of the most beautifully made fixies I have ever seen :)
Well done


To this bit of awesomeness~!

XXX Miss Stephanye the
Single Speed Deamon


Nice job!

What's holding it up?

A #2 pencil? Outstanding work!


I need your water bottle!

Fixed is legal.

Your hub is your brake. When you stop pedaling the bike stops.

Thanks, I know that...hence

Thanks, I know that but the cops don't ... hence me not having used it since putting it on the bike. I may as well make it look cool and the cops give me a break since I do have a "real" brake ... it's just easier to have it on than to start explaining the whole "fixed gear is also my brake" thing ...

Where'd you find that brake to begin with?

Let alone modify it. Its really great, I will *try* and do the same if i come across a lever like that. Really really great!

PS file a patent/

Got the lever from the parts

Got the lever from the parts bin at my LBS ... early Shimano clamp-on MTP brake. Drilled the holes in the lever for a retro look. and polish the heck out of it. I had to modify the bar clamp and stem face clamp substantially to get it to work but am quite pleased with the results. The brake works great but I haven't had to use it since the first and only test ... knock on wood

yeah dude i got plenty of

yeah dude i got plenty of those type levers, but they're all rusted or just ragged out. you must have polished the hell out of that thing or got a good one to begin with. the holes look cool and the idea to place it on the stem...genious. don't be pissed if i steal the look. i'll be sure to give mad props. all your bikes are awesome.
ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.

Thanks Arliemarshall ... as

Thanks Arliemarshall ... as you put it ... I had to polish the hell out of it ... and that was after grinding it down a fair bit to get rid of cast marks and give is a slightly slimmer profile. Go for it if you want to emulate it ... I've actually only used mine for testing. Never had to touch it again since ...

hard work paid off

I was wondering about those holes. Done in good taste!

That's an awesome brake

That's an awesome brake solution! Nice work. I love those bells, too. Have one on one of my bikes. Sweet dulcet tone...

I thought I had seen

I thought I had seen beautiful bikes before I had seen yours...

but hands down, this is the most beautiful piece of art and rolling example of elegance I have ever witnessed.

amazing job

Sweet Jamie Roy

Best job on a J'Roy I've ever seen. Classy.


Very nice indeed. We need a better detail of the rear wheel. ;P

detail of the rear wheel...

Second to last picture ... comes up as only a thin cursor line for some reason ... look between the rear shot and chainring can actually click on it

you joking ; )

i really wana have a look at that wheel

please help : )

It use to be there...for

It use to be there...for some reason, I never got it to show up right...
you can see it here:

Awesome mod. But more

Awesome mod. But more importantly, how did you polish everything so well?! I've tried micro-fiber cloth with metal polish and it works alright, but doesn't make anything look as reflective as your stuff.

Polishing stuff

Well ... it's a tedious process ... I start everything with water and 400 grit wet /dry sandpaper and work my way up all the way through 6000 at this point it almost looks polished ... I then finish it off with some aluminium/mag polish. Lots of work ... and sore fingers. But well worth it IMHO.


That bike belongs in a museum!

oh my...

That brake detail is lovely... and i don't typically like threadless.. but damn that looks good.

Brake modification

First response: What the . . .?
Then . . . Wow.
Nice work. Pretty and inspirational. Enjoy your bike.

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