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Surly 1x1 singlespeed punk rock

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Surly 1x1 - 4130 cromo - size large - 1999 OG model w/ no disc tabs

Race Face alloy riser bar / Thompson stem / Big Cheese grips

White Bros. XC3 80mm travel fork / Syncros sealed headset / Thompson "Las Vegas 2000" top cap from Interbike

Formula hub laced to a Mavic x221 w/ IRC Mythos rubber, a Salsa QR and "Cars R Coffins" sticker

XT hub w/ a Fixxer singlespeed converter laced to a Mavic 217 and IRC Mythos rubber

Race Face North Shore Crank / Race Face cro-mo BB

Bontrager no-rail old skool saddle / Salsa Shaft seatpost

Time ATAC / KMC chain


Avid v-brakes w/ Paul Love Levers

Spot 34t chainring and chainring guard / 18t cog

This is probably my most favorite bike to ride...frame rides great...goes where I want it...simple and fuking fun

I rode this rigid w/ the Surly front fork for about a month, getting decent trail rides in almost daily...I still have the clicking in my shoulder

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sick bike!

you sir, have inspired me to build a bike like that


there's nothing specifically punk about it and there's nothing specifically un-punk about having high-end parts on it either. i dont get your point but I'd be willing to argue that riding the bike I built, the way I want to ride it, is pretty in line with the ethos of punk

and it really just came from what is written on the arch of my "Cars R Coffins" socks, completely meaningless

so punk has to equal broke?

so punk has to equal broke? I dunno man, that seems pretty limiting and how do you know I didnt steal this bike because I dont believe in the concept of personal property? wouldnt that be more punk than dumpster diving? I built this bike up when I was making minimum wage as a bike shop mechanic because I love bikes, that doesnt seem very sellout to me.

and as far as the band comparisons, I dont think this bike represents watering something down so it could be sold to the masses, but I could be wrong. So would a beater from the dumpster equal something gutterpunk? is the penny-farthing like the stooges? I assume the Crass of bikes would be some sort of art-protest-bike, like a homemade tallbike, but then I saw one of those in a jared leto music video, so who knows

I just think that anytime you start defining what is and isn't punk, you're kind of doing the one thing that def. aint punk; casting judgement on people. Really, punk is just a subculture centered around music and I rode this bike with a bunch of punks and usually listened to punk rock while I rode it, all things I loved, so they go together in my mind

and that is way more thought than I've ever put into the genesis of one of my bikes.

Nice bike!!

Looks bulletproof!!!!


its been pretty solid and keeps its simple, goes where i want it to

nice bike. How tall are you

nice bike. How tall are you and do you like the way the size large fits?

thank you

its weird, but the instant I saw this picture, the stem and seatpost look so much longer/taller than in person. Maybe its the angle I took it at.

The bike rides great and fit has never been an issue. I'm 6'2 and usually ride a large or 19" mountain bike. Most of my height is in my legs and I've always been able to get away with rounding down instead of up on the size of my bike, that might change with some recent injuries affecting my flexibility, but fit has never been an issue.

This bike is the most fun to ride of all the bikes I've owned or spent any amount of time on. I've ridden some whippy steel and some dead steel, this frame is a perfect balance of stiffness and flex AND probably the cheapest I've ever ridden.

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