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Klein Quantum Pro

Bike tags: Road bike | 10speed | 55cm | Chris King | hed | more tags >>
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Klein Quantum Pro / 55cm / 1997

Mo Do Lo 44cm / Klein Mc2 stem

Klein Aeros carbon fiber / Klein Airheadset

Zipp 440/Chris King Classic black

Zipp 440/Chris King Classic black

Fsa SL-K / Fsa Platinum Pro Titanium Megaquad

Selle Italia Flite / Titanium Seatpost

XTR M980 / Ybn Sl-101-Ti

Dura Ace 7801 STi / Dura Ace FD-7800 & Dura Ace RD-7800

Ultegra 6600

Dura Ace 7800 12-23 / 53,39 / All titanium bolts

Fits me like a glove, rides like a dream, true love.

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Splendid Bike


What a wild lookin'

What a wild lookin' seatpost!

might be joining the Klein

might be joining the Klein family pretty soon myself :p


of your stem!




Keep the hoods grey and swap out the bar tape, saddle, and tires for grey and this thing will be looking SHARP.

Serial Number

Post serial number and photograph it too.
Under the BB, probably something like : 55nnn97nnn 55 for frame size and 97 for model year; where n is a digit. Maybe an X or a P in there somewhere too.

Seatpost is hideous, but some Fred will buy it from you.

Thanks for the link.

Yeah, no problem, thanks for

Yeah, no problem, thanks for providing all that info on your site, its been a real inspiration and the reason i decided to put my money where my mouth is and build it up & build it up well.

It was mfg'd 1996 mid year so its the start of the new model year & has a threaded bottom bracket alot like the 98 models. Pretty sure they are same frame different paint, and this was only available as a frame as far as I can tell from the '97 german catalogue
s/n : 5500996107

I will have to get a picture of the serial number later... and the seatpost, yeah, its bad.... got it free though off the klein attitude and have a titanium seatpost here, just want another before I cut one down, its at 350mm right now and perfect length for the mtb.

If you want a picture without that hideous thing I can stick the Ti in there, just cant ride with it right now :)

Ill probably have time to take the bb picture with a proper camera tomorrow for you, and let me know if you want any other photos.


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