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Indy Fab Fixie

Bike tags: Fixed gear | mashsf inspired
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Indy Fab

Nitto B125 & Nitto UI-5GX

Indy Fab & Tune

Phil wood hub & zipp

Phil wood MASH green hub & deep V

Paul & Phil wood

Saddle Co. Flow & Thomson

MKS RX-1 & Izumi

18 X 39

Hong Kong Fixed!

Sweet rig. I love the view from the hills of HK!

Hey, where and when do you ride through the streets? The streets, besides the rails for the trams, are near perfect for fixed gear riding, all along the water. But I didn't see one biker from morning to past midnight!!! Even when the streets were near empty at night, I thought, many, if only I had my single speed here, I would tear up the streets with my homies!!!

Thanks for sharing, hkfixed! P.S. Do you run the hkfixed website too?

And to the dum&fuc* hater that posted about "rich kid", jealousy is a bi*ch, ain't it!

yea! dude! fuck poor

yea! dude! fuck poor people...eff your poor fucks! im rich bitch! yeah! i hate poor people! yea!



what do you do on this bike? I thought it was sweet with the drops and the front wheel, looked really fast. then i saw the gear ratio. this is silly

rear rims?

awesome bike!
what kind of rear rims are those??
I've been looking for a while but nothing looks as good as those?

Leave the guy alone -- why

Leave the guy alone -- why hate on how he spends his money. Elitist BS.

have to be the one....

to talk shit. Here is another hong kong "rich kid" trying to impress people online.

Independent Fabrications will build any frame they have with track dropouts, they do not make a a frame with track geometry. The cheapest frame they make is about 00. For that amount you can have a NJS frame custom built. The rest [Phil,Paul,Izumi,nitto] will put this bike into the -4,000 range. In hong kong you can't ride that thing most places because you probably won't live long enough to get home.

The "we have big hills" comment: that thing would buck you off if you went down a big hill. 18x39? that has to be a joke, 56.9 gear inches!!!

"Multiple exclamation

"Multiple exclamation marks," he went on, shaking his head, "are a sure sign of a diseased mind." (Terry Pratchett, "Eric")

you're an idiot

indy fab does make track frames jackass. hence custom. they do whatever the hell you want them to. that said, the gear ratio is hilarious.


love it, that rear wheels is the first id seen like it.

Is that the gearing you always ride? seems ultra low.

Now go skid your tire off.


I Think brake and lever are from Paul Components? Am i right. It looks like the e-lever. Check out


that's just PURTY! she's a looker, congrats!

very clean.

Who makes that front brake?

Very nice!

Thats Hot! I was trying to imagine riding my fixie in HK when i was there. Definitely would appreciate the smaller gear. That is sex on wheels!

you must like to spin.

you must like to spin.

not really

we have some bad ass hills here!

is this ???

is this road bike,with track dropouts??or track bike or whats up? very cool regardless you kno that though.


guess this is a front and rear brake ready track frame.

spin playa,spin!

nice build!
crazy gearing.
wheelies alllllll day !!!!!!

that is one loooooong top

that is one loooooong top tube.


a set back seatpost? you must have some short ass legs and a long ass torso.

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