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2007 Specialized Langster (Sold)

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2007 Specialized Langster 54cm

Deda Pista or Profile Airwing OS or Specialized XC / Thomson 90mm x 10 Degrees or Thomson 70mm x 0 Degrees

Specialized Carbon / Cane Creek Integrated

Miche Pistard / Miche Primato / Vittoria Zaffiro 700x23

Nude Aerospoke or Miche Pistard / Miche Primato / Vittoria Zaffiro 700x23

Sram Omnium 165 / GXP External

Specialized Phenom 143 / Thomson Elite 27.2


Truvativ 48t Chainring / Soma 17t Cog

Got rid of the Leader and picked up this. It's super quiet and fast. Basically done with buying parts for this bike now.....maybe new wheels though. The pictures by the bay were taken during a stop on my century ride from Orange to San Diego. It was a fun trip. I highly suggest it if you live in the Orange County/LA area. Oh and that's my friend's Masi Coltello. Its a really slick looking bike. Got the aerospoke as a birthday gift from my friends. It made the bike a little heavier, but now I don't ever have to worry about truing my back wheel.

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Wow! That's a real sweet

Wow! That's a real sweet looking rig!


I like your bike, it's nice and clean!! I don't have a car at the moment, so i'm on my bike everyday, don't care too much for driving anymore anyway. Keep ridin'!!!

Thank you...

Thank you...


you're very welcome

You fucked up. Specialized

You fucked up.
Specialized is the worst.


damn man your bikes look clean.....oh wait you don't have any posted, so why don't you just shut the fuck up troll. This bike is 10 times better than my leader(Lighter, quieter, and stiffer). It also weighs about a 1-2 lbs less all together.

Greg should delete your account again, ill let him know.

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used to create several accounts and each one would get banned...why would you side with ridefast. I think he was banned atleast 3 times. You're new...learn your way around the site before you step to people.

People! NO


I'll just make another

I'll just make another homie.
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Hey! Do you know were I

Do you know were I could get some omniums in black, size doesn't matter but the maximum cranklength is 172,5 mm, AND they need to be mirror black. Please give me the magic reply.
Really nice with those bullhorns BTW

Black Omniums

Thanks, I like the feel of the bullhorns. They really put your weight over the front of the bike and get you in a better position to cut the wind. As for the black omniums, I have been looking too. You are only able to buy them if you purchase a complete Giant Omnium Track Bike or other complete track bikes, unless you find one on craigslist or ebay. The only other option is to buy the SRAM s300 courier cranket. They come in black and have the same gxp external bottom bracket technology. The only differences between the courier and the omnium are: BCD(omnium is 144 and courier is 130), Chainring width(omnium is 1/8th and courier is 3/32), and material(omnium is 7000 series aluminum and courier is 6000 series aluminum. All you would have to do is throw on a new chainring and they would basically be the omniums, minus the stiffness, but I don't think you could tell unless you are a professional track racer. I hope this all helps.


have you raced it yet? im selling mine because it got small, but man i loved it.


But I wanna start riding the track next year. I'm gonna go clipless soon. I tried my friend's clipless setup tonite and its so much better than clips/straps. Is the bottom bracket high enough on the langster to make regulations for the track?

langster comp and sworks

langster comp and sworks langster are but the other langsters may not be. find someone with a frame thats got track geo and just see if the bb lines up

oh yes

I have a kilo tt now. gonna race the steelie!

your bike is clean! cant go

your bike is clean! cant go wrong with black! nice!!


Nice mercier, I have a windsor as a beater bike, but I wish I bought a kilo. They have way better geometry than the windsors.


i hate the geometry of these bikes but this is a very nice build.
leaders are terrible solid upgrade


The sloping top tube bothered me when I had my first langster, but when I had the leader I missed the langster so much. I'm down with the geometry now that I have the right size, its nimble, so I'm happy. Thanks for the comment. I like your capo.

nice build man. I like

nice build man. I like simplicity and much better than your leader

Thank you

I like your vigorelli. I'll trade you frames.

Probably my favorite langster build

I used to have one and they are played out to be much worse than they actually are.

I'm glad to see you are enjoying it.


They get so much hate, but its one of the best aluminum track bikes for the road. How do you like your affinity, and why did you decide to get rid of the langster?


I love my affinity. I'm picking up a cinelli mash in a couple months and I'm excited to see how they compare.

I just beat the crap out of my langster and it started making scary popping sounds every time I started to accelerate haha. I also just wanted an upgrade.

Hey, I'm curious if you had

Hey, I'm curious if you had any chain-line issues with the Omnium cranks?
Got a set cheap and they are just sitting on the floor here.

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