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Panasonic NJS track bike (SOLD!)         Featured Bike! on 01/10/2011

Bike tags: Track bike | aerospoke | Chris King | DT SWISS | h plus son | more tags >>
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Panasonic NJS track frame / 52cm

Nitto B-201, Nitto RB-021 / Nitto Jaguar, Nitto Technomic

stock / Tange, Chris King

Phill Wood low flange / DT Swiss radial lacing / H Plus Son 32h / Vittoria Zaffiro Pro, Gran Compe / Hed-3 / Aerospoke

Phil Wood fixed/fixed high flange / DT Swiss three cross lacing / H Plus Son 32h / Euro Asia Gold Medal Pro cogs (16 and 18) / Vittoria Zaffiro Pro, Gran Compe / Aerospoke

Sugino 75 with gold Sugino TORX-30 alloy track bolts / Sugino 75 Superlap

Kashimax Five Gold, San Marco Rolls / Nitto Crystal Fellow

MKS RX-1, MKS Sylvan / Izumi Super Toughness

49/16, 49/18

Everything is in white or gold now. I originally wanted a gold seatpost and gold hubs, but Nitto does not make 26.8 gold anodized seat posts and Phil Wood stopped production on all gold hubs. Silver Sugino alloy dust caps have been added. Gold Nitto B123AA drops coming soon with better pics.
Enjoy and thanks.

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I'd a killed someone for

I'd a killed someone for this frame when I did my white and gold build


straight hideous!!!!!!!!!!

I love...

the ridiculous change from gold to silver bits (or vice versa)! and i'm not at all hating because i know how a little detail can bother the shit out of you! Nice bike my man...

Killing it!!! Well thought

Killing it!!! Well thought out!

this bike is super titties

this bike is super titties

can somebody tell me what

can somebody tell me what that little nub is on the top tube of alot of track bikes??

Kashimax top tube protector.

Kashimax top tube protector.

Baller as fuck If you're

Baller as fuck
If you're serious about it, i've heard of people having small batch anodization custom done at metal/fabrication places. You can get all your parts anodized in the same batch so they're the same color.

rediculous. white&gold. wow.

rediculous. white&gold. wow.

I'll say it again

Alex! I'll say it again! AMAZING BUILD! nuff said!


Thanks a lot Danny. I can

Thanks a lot Danny. I can say the same about your Sword.

saw this bike

at the BFF in orlando. :)


I've got two NJS sonics myself. The POS with the fastback seat lug and the older generation with the webbed lugs. I love these frames.

My older one is white, but not nearly as new looking as yours. It's got street patina.

Kool Kid...

Bike looks great man. -Todd

this bike

im sorry but you have way to much money to spend on color schemes and hipster wheels. talk about getting ur priorities krooked.


just really good taste. well curated rig...



an overpriced ghost bike

an overpriced ghost bike

Ghosts have gold? News to

Ghosts have gold? News to me.


this bike is absurdly amazing. If I had it, I would put it on display at my apartment and call it mestizaje. You must clean this bike 3 times a day and not park on outdoors ever. Great job

I actually rarely clean it

I actually rarely clean it and ride it daily, but I don't lock it up anywhere. It doesn't look nearly as clean as the pictures, but all bikes can't look new forever. And thank you for the comment.


i prefer the horns to the risers, but that's just me. i really want a set like that. nice set up, very sharp. what exactly is that on your headtube? i assume it's a light, but i don't know what kind. keep up the nice work!

knog gekko

knog gekko

love that frame. nice setup

love that frame. nice setup

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