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Bauer mystery         Featured Bike! on 08/12/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear | bauer | fixed gear | polo
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haven't got a clue

stock fork, and not sure about the headset

super large flange hub on wood rims

super large flange hub on wood rims

hmmmm, not sure

Ideal, custom post I'll bet

marshmallow pwdals, with a 3/16 chain


I have been told its a polo goalie bike, and also a clown bike frome the circus. I like to think of it as the goalie on an all clown polo team bike.

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It looks like a Cycle ball

It looks like a Cycle ball bike.

a museum piece!

video of some Czechs' trix with modern bikes.

those WOODEN RIMS are awesome, must have some age to it...
sick forks & lugs! so nice.

radmobile radmobile

radmobile radmobile


WTF..., hows that gear ratio going for you. That seating is insane!


Perhaps one of the all-time best "Notes" section entries. Perfect.

I want

one of these bikes so bad!

this is amazing

i just creamed myself.
that saddle is so cherry.

bad ass

This looks like a wheelie machine.

oh by the way

The handlebars are backwards in the photo. just thought you should know. it's hard to tell because the forks on those things are reversible.

Damn Damn Damn

This bike is so rad.


Its a cycle ball bike.
Pretty intense sport.


Wow 2,000 euros for one of those crazy contraptions. Thanks for the enlightening vid, what an intense sport!




XXX Miss Stephanye the
Single Speed Deamon

Cycleball or "Radball"

it's definitely a cycleball bike. artistic cycling (kunstraden) bikes don't have the seatpost coming out of the top tube, and they have a different kind of handlebars. If you google or "Radball" you'll get plenty of images and videos to back this up. really awesome find, I've wanted a radball and kunstraden frame for a long time.

Cycle ball

Is steezy

Artistic Cycling, Polo?

The seat arrangement is certainly artistic cycling (thats what Bauer made), but the handlebars are for bicycle polo. A true artistic cycling bike has upsidedown drop bars, permanently welded to the stem. This allows for handstands, etc. on the handlebars. A true artistic cycling seat is textured with with what appear to be backwards fish scales to keep the rider from sliding backwards when seated. Pretty cool.


As others have already mentioned, this is a cycleball bike. Cycle Ball is still fairly popular in Eastern Europe and it has a UCI world championship. The skill level in this sport is incredibly high. The ball is struck with the front wheel. Players say it takes 2-3 years to learn to hit the ball hard enough and at the right angle to make it rise to waist level. The game is played between teams of two on a court about th size of a volleyball court. The goal is about 5' high and maybe 7' wide (have to check on that). It's a riveting sport to watch. I saw the 1997 worlds, it was one of the most engaging spectator sports I've seen.


it is neither a polo bike nor an artistic cycling bike. it is a "radball" bike. radball literally translated means "wheelball". in english it's refered to as bicycle soccer. here's a video: bicycle soccer

edit: my mistake, it could also be a polo bike....polo game

More likely a polo bike

than an artistic cycling bike. They have a regular seatpost juncture and a unicycle seat.

This is a Bauer Artistic Cycle, like what would be used at the Circus, or the Olympics.


Direct drive! this thing is so bad ass.

This is AWESOME! Where did

This is AWESOME! Where did you find it?

found it...

From a guy in Warsaw Poland.... it is a blast to cruise around on.

the stem and bars are all one peice... i thought i would put drops or risers on it for a pic... it would look so funny..

Its a wheelie machine.

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