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*KILLED*-Single speed Conversion of a CAAD9 6 2009

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Cannondale CAAD9 6 2009

Cannondale C3 and C4

Cannondale Ultra and Cane Creek

Mavic Ksyrium Elite

Mavic Ksyrium Elite

Shimano Tiagra

Tri/Cannondale C2

Shimano SPD/platform, KMC single speed w/ half-link



50 front / 14 rear :: cadence still hoovers around 90-100

Nut Sack

...has been Rebirthed

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As a your fellow san josean

As a your fellow san josean or san joseite or whatever we are called I dont understand your gearing choice. Where do you work? We have so many stoplights, so much stopping and starting.

Very true about the lights...

...yeah it sucks 'round here (im not downtown though... (that! would be craptacular)

I go from Berryessa to Sunnyvale @ 3am... granted "most" lights are green for me anyways... on the occasional red I either run (I know boo!) or slow down and bunnyhop to let the sensor go off. I don't cheat death (much) so if im running the red its because there is absolutely no-one around. later on in the day my commute goes from Sunnyvale to Santa Clara... more lights, but primarily industrial so I luck out. If I stuck to a lower frontal gear (not 53) or went to a higher rear gear (not 14) I wouldn't be able to go 30 mph on coleman ave or 25 mph on hedding without risking my legs going into noodle mode... which is a benefactor to me when I have more commuting 8 hours after I get home (7pm-3am)
My core strength is higher than my endurance... so high cadance is an issue with me. If I go 53/15 or 16 my cadance shoots to 110-120 and im going about 28-29mph, but i feel a bit wobbly by the time I get to my destination. Granted my normal average is about 19-21mph and that is because of traffic as 6 miles is not much of an endurance race.

If I was strictly using a fixie... I don't know... it would suck, but its just a single freewheel gear i've been using for 5 months now so I figured I'd drop all the extra need tiagra shifters?

In perspective as a fellow San Josianite... I used to go from blossom hill to branham to capitol ALL the way to berryessa (17 miles) in 50 minutes (with lights)... just not possible without being able to abuse a tougher gear.... and I cant afford to be spinning without getting somewhere. You go to the party on every third friday?


the handlebars really confuse me...


...Long story short; I ran out of time. These pics were taking today as the sun was going down and I didnt have time to get some new bar tape @ the lbs... It will be white even though stock is red.. I ripped off the stock and used it on the bar extension for style and support (of my light)...heh. But yeah... its bare right now and almost completely useless; I agree.

Wtf have you done to this

Wtf have you done to this bike?

ha ha ha

Lemme just ascertain my situation....:
I commute to work and I have two jobs... one of which is officially full-time and the other is unofficially full-time. I need to get to work ASAP. No time pumping the cranks @ 110-120... this needs to be done now. I have a 10 mile trip to job 1 at 3am and then a short jaunt to job 2 at 10am (no lunch break) which is 6 miles... 6 miles home after that at 6pm. 22 miles daily (if I don't stop in Japantown). I found myself not really changing much gears.... as in maybe.. MAYBE... on a Friday when I feel tired I might drop the front gear to ease up on an overpass, but really I stuck to a 53/14 for pretty much the entire today I said fuck it... yes 'fuck it!' and ripped away my fabulous Tiagra components and my Sora front derailleur and put on my Shimano 600 brake levers and dropped weight in ways only a mother could love (whatever that means). Only problem is of course how crappy single speed conversion kits are... but I ghetto-rigged this mofo and all is good... Gone are heavy brifters....wiring and rd-4500s in coming 100g tensioners. I know its a race worthy frame, but damned if I dont have a race ready frame from 1999 already (Y-foil 77)!

So yeah... its kind of sickending to use the epitome of American Aluminum frame cunstruction for a single speed conversion, but it fits me and thats what makes me AMerican... I Don't Give A Flying Fuck!...Thanks You...ha ha ha


what size is this?
i want one of these frame so bad! my shops team rides these specially made with the bb30.
wanna trade for a carbon fuji team???haha

The frame is 56...

Do what I did... I posted on Craigslist that I wanted a road bike for 400 bucks... and one single hour later a very pretty women drove 50 miles to sell the this CAAD9 for 400 dollars flat. I prolly can sell the Shimano rw500 and the entire drivetrain (Tiagra + Sora) for 200 bucks which would pay for half... Oddly enough I have a complete 5500 series (105 9spd). 6600 series (Ultegra 10spd) and st7800 Dura Ace 10spd shifters just laying around, but the ultegra and dura ace are waiting for me to get off my ace and repaint the gold on my y-foil before being rebuilt... what can I say? I'm fuckin retarded and loving it!

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