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Son of Samson

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | Commuter | Araya | DC | more tags >>
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Samson 51.5

Nitto B-123 AA 38cm / Nitto Jaguar AA 90mm

Samson, Hatta Deluxe

araya VX-400 / Phil Wood 36h / Soma Everwear

araya VX-400 / Phil Wood 36h / Continental Ultra Gatorskin

Dura Ace Octalink FC-7710

Kashimax FG 8P (padded) / NJ-SP 72

MKS Royal Nuevo / Izumi

46 X 18

my every day ride. the pics don't do it justice.

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thumbs up

for the awesome his-and-hers style photos.


never seen a samson like it. you should find a buddy with a nice camera and take some real pictures of that thing, it deserves it. that bike must be a dream in person. ive got a samson in a similar shade of blue. just finished building it up. i havnt posted pics of it complete, im waiting for a friend to snap some real clean ones. nothin beats a samson!

your fork!

how did you take the paint off so well?

i didn't. it's the original paint job.

it's eyetalian style.

2nd to none.

Samson frames are my favorite NJS frames hands down. Nice work.

thanks man

they're my favorite too

Love it! Beautiful bike,

Love it! Beautiful bike, wouldn't change a thing.


LOL @ the guy with the stickered up Leader talking shit about your bike. Beautiful Samson.

thanks dude

yea, he is confused in general. i like your bridgestone. hit me up if you wanna ride in dc some time.


AWESOME! I'm loving those chrome forks and seat/chainstays!!! Such a buttery paint job. I wonder why so much hate flies around when people post NJS bikes? They're so dope why would anyone hate?? beautiful Samson. I would kill for a Samson frame man.

thanks man

finally some one that knows what they're talking about

its funny you only have 3

its funny you only have 3 friends for this bike... that shows u something hahaha


Nice I want some stickers too!. Gimme another one of those Brixton stickers! What does Brixton make again? Oh yeah! Hats! What do hats have do with biking? Oh yeah! Not a damn thing! :-D Leaders are trash.

yeah, i guess i don't have enough cool stickers

can you hook me up bro?

suree hahaha

ill give u that one. solid i like that. ur chiller than before ahaha

i have 4 now

i friended myself

u better of thrown it cuz ur

u better of thrown it cuz ur bikes ugly as fuck

Do you even own a bike?

Do you even own a bike?

no, it's not ugly.

it's pretty cool. you're bike is pretty ugly though.

are you about to throw it?

are you about to throw it?

uh huh

uh huh

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