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cannondale track goodness

Bike tags: Fixed gear | track cannondale jumbos
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cannondale track 54cm

protaper / pearl 25.4

cannondale / king


phil laced to mavic open pro

sugino 75 / superlap

arione / campy titanium

suntour superbe / hkk

49 x 18

version 3

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If you ever want to sell

If you ever want to sell this, HIT ME UP!! I have been trying to track one of these frames down for a long time.

is that a 23c on the shamal?

is that a 23c on the shamal? dayumm

let me know if youd ever sell the frameset

Looks dope

the bike looks dope.

Would u consider selling it?

i think

these are the raddest frames ever.

like everyone else, i too want one very bad.


wheel clearance like whaa


wheel clearance like whaa


wheel clearance like whaa


whaaat... thats pretty crazy


this is my dream bike, i want this exactly! where did you get you're frame?



I love seeing nice bikes get

I love seeing nice bikes get all dirty.... How does the Shamal hold up? Seeing how beautiful it is, I now desire one for my own bicycle. Just an all around beautiful bike.


maybe I'm an idiot, but why is the back drilled for a brake?
or at least it appears that way...

The brake hole in the rear

The brake hole in the rear is part of the design -- I was looking at the Cannondale catalog from 1993 and it says: "pop in a road fork, add brakes, and you can assemble a fantastic fixed-gear bike for winter spinning."

this is an intense bike

this is an intense bike dude, and tat wheel clearance is crazy!

90's cannondale track frames

90's cannondale track frames are so dope, ive been trying to find one for couple months now,(still trying)
well have fun on her

greeting from p-town


that shamal looks so sexy!


Wow. that front clearance is Fucked!


show off those new wheels you pussy!

Wow !!!

&*%^&%* Jesus! What a beautiful bike... what a Cannondales, this frame colours, proportion... WOW !!! i don't have words to desc. this ... It's really inspire stuff !!! my congrats ...

ωιεrz¢hοη      [(o)']


Id pay anything for that frame!

Clean and simple. Love the

Clean and simple. Love the fat tubes on those Cannondales.

rear tire and bb

1st: what type of vittoria is that on the rear?
2nd: what's the spindle length on that bb?
por favor.

answers for zmstorm

vittoria randonneur in the rear
spindle length is 109mm


thanks. did you have any issues with left crankarm/chainstay clearance?


my arms clear just fine..

hot hot hotter

i'll be posting a 93 in a couple weeks that, if all goes according to plan, will knock some fucking socks and shoes and toe-rings off. thanks for having good taste.


of done it any better. sick bike


Beautiful FixBike!☆

Don't take acid around that

Don't take acid around that wallpaper,it will fuck you up! sick bike,nice parts.ya sellin' the Moser?

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