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Affinity Lo Pro "Smile"

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2009 Affinity Lo Pro Small

Easton EA50 chopped with Red Oury's and a Dimension Stem

Affinity Fork, Cane Creek S2

Velocity Deep V with Formula Hub, Vittoria Randonneur

Velocity Deep V with Formula Hub, Soma Everwear

SOMA Hellyer 46t and IRD QB-75 110mm

Custom Pleather S&M Saddle and Thomson Elite

MKS RX-1 with Toshi Doubles, Izumi Super Toughness

EAI Cog, 46 x 15

I cannot recommend these frames highly enough.

Look for me riding in Vallejo, San Francisco, Petaluma, and when I go home to Poway/San Diego.

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Nice ride! i suggest a black

Nice ride! i suggest a black saddle to tie the whole build together.

How's that chainring btw?

And ionno if you'd know, but im 6foot with a 34" inseam, would you say a large would be too large?

Large will fit you fine. I

Large will fit you fine. I had a medium and fit great Im 5'9. To be honest I wouldnt get one again.


If I was smaller I'd be on rig like this. Damn me for being 15 and already 5'10"!

Ha! Well, thanks man.


Well, thanks man. Affinity (Maxway?) makes a great frame. I know you were talking about investing in a frame eventually, and I would definitely recommend one of these. Your Kilo seems to be coming along quite nicely though.

I'm bored of it. Though, "I

I'm bored of it. Though, "I shouldn't sell my babies to fund other babies." I'm tempted to sell it, but in Washington, it's nice to have a rain bike.

Is that an ALF sticker on your top tube?





Made this bike even cooler.

Thanks man! I know the bike

Thanks man!

I know the bike is entirely vegan, having Toshis, but I did buy them second hand from another cyclist desperate for cash.

That's understandable.

At least they are being put to good use instead of tossed in the garbage, you know?

I wear my dad's old leather gloves that were given to me when he passed everyday in the winter, so I can't hassle you anyway ha


what's the standover on the bike? on I guess bett yet, what is your inseem. im 5'7" with a 29.5" inseem and im trying to figure out which size I should get.

I'm about 5'6", and mine is

I'm about 5'6", and mine is a small, so that would probably be my best recommendation.

I ran into some one at mass in San Diego who bought a medium frame that was about 5'7-8", and he said he wish he had gotten a small frame.

I am loving the smile spoke

I am loving the smile spoke cards it makes me LOL
sweet bike man

Hey sorry for the comment

Hey sorry for the comment delay, I was in the city all weekend.

Thanks for those of you who like my bike.

mrsnakypoops, I'm 5'5" and this frame fits me really well. I had the seatpost higher, but since I'm not racing on it I prefer the comfort.

If I can somehow stumble upon some extra cash aside from paying for school, I'll definitely take your word on the Toshi's. Does a doubleizer help with comfort at all?

And for those who criticize my bike, I'm not elitist, I love the bike community no matter what you ride, and I would never put some one down for the appearance of their bike. Let's just ride and have fun!


really love it ...

how tall are you?

how tall are you?

Don't be cheap.

Save up a hundred and buy Toshi doubles. You'll be happy you did. All city/soma etc suck balls, I've had both pairs. Especially for this build dude.

SAG is like buying straps from urban outfitters.

just because they're

just because they're somewhat hyped, and cheaper than toshis?

rethink your argument bro

looks nice 'bro'

hipsters for life holmes

I think

"hipster for life" is my new catch phrase

your lo pro looks awesome. I

your lo pro looks awesome. I like the smile detail a lot

As for double straps I use All City Swan cages, their double straps, and their track pedals. I honestly love them. the package all together isn't too much either

Sweet man, thanks a lot!

Sweet man, thanks a lot!

I'm on a pretty tight budget and I'm just not willing to spend 0 for fucking straps. I've also been looking at the Cadence ones and heard some good things.

you can also just get

you can also just get another set of single straps and get the doublizers that Cadence makes. Im not sure how much that will run you though

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