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Land Shark (Road Shark)         Featured Bike! on 10/14/2011

Bike tags: Road bike | 60/60 | 60c | campagnolo | campy | more tags >>

Road Shark / 60x60c / 2007

Easton EC90 SLX / Deda Newton

Easton EC90 SL / Chris King

Campy Record hub with ceramic upgrade / Mavic Open Pro 3x / Michelin Pro Race

Campy Record hub with ceramic upgrade / Mavic Open Pro (3x drive side, 2x non-drive side) / Michelin Pro Race

Campy Record Carbon Compact 172.5mm / Ultra Torque

fi'zi:k Arione / Campy Record Carbon

Speedplay Zero Stainless / Campy Record Ultra 10spd

Campy Record QS Ultra 10

Campy Record 'skeleton'

Campy Compact: 34/50 rings, 13-26 or 11-25 clusters

Fillet Brazed Dedacciai Less-than Zero tube set, including: LTP (Low Torsional Profile) Down Tube, Long Taper Top Tube (1-1/4 to 1-1/8"), oversize Seat Tube, R Type steel rear triangle.

Love-it-or-Hate-it paint inspired by a soccer goalie jersey. Best description to date goes to Kirk of "looks like the ocean after a Great White attacked a raft full of clowns!"

Shown by the builder at the '07 NAHBS in San Jose, where it was voted 'Best Use of Color' by Joe 'The Man' Bell (

(Apologies for its dirty condition in the photos, but as great as it rides, it gets ridden far more than it gets bathed!)

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Pure Awesomeness .

Too bad Campy doesn't have a multi-colored grouppo to pair the frameset with! Land Sharks are tough to beat and their paint jobs are only contestable by Pegorettis. Thanks for sharing this one!

got enough color, thanks,... ;-)

i think the black componentry sets off the colors to just about the right balance for what i was going for; John didn't want to do the black on the frame but i insisted, and think it especially looks good with all-black tires and an all-black wheelset like the Rolfs i used with it.

any more color would have been to much for me to live with, and i think would have distracted from the 'Art Factor' of the whole scheme.

just a guy,...

paint doesnt bother me at all..

id ride the s**t out of this thing.

sNOt? ;-)

yeah, i've been doing just that,... just got back from giving it a thrashing in the hills above home this afternoon. ;-)

My lord...

...those Land Shark paint jobs.

yeah, i know,...

only problem with it is the paint is so much fun, few people get past it to realize what a great bike it is underneath.

sorta' like a Ninja assassin in a Jesters costume,...? ;-)


YES YES's like trapper keeper on wheels! So Good.


thanks, i think,... ;-)




when i first saw the jersey that inspired it, the first thing i thought was "wouldn't this make an awesome paint job on that Land Shark i want?".
although John and i had some differences of opinion on how exactly it should look, it wouldn't have been possible without John Slawtas execution of the idea and i'm really very happy with how it turned out.

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