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Bianchi Krono Singlespeed 57-16         Featured Bike! on 03/16/2012

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Bianchi Krono / 57cm /1986 (?)




orig. 105

San Marino / ON ONE reversable



orig. 105


My daily commuter.
I ride it to work.
Get a lot of envy looks, don´t know if it is the bike or my TT-helmet? ;-)

Both gearing and position is great training!
Riding this bike daily helps me to be aerodynamic when riding my racer.

The 2nd picture is a self portrait of me going to work (with my discwheel fitted which I don´t use daily because its´s tubular = expensive punctures).

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can you still feel your junk?

i cant imagine that being very comfortable riding position, or very aerodynamic if the portrait is an accurate depiction of how you look, but damn it looks fast if anything. 52/16 is good enough for me



Fin hoj, roligt alternativ till pendlarhoj!

Vad är det för rör den är byggd på, antar Columbus men vilken typ?


Har för mig att det står

Har för mig att det står Columbus på rören. Men den är knappast något under av styvhet direkt, när man bryter i uppförsbackarna känns den som den vore gjord av spagetti eller nåt. Men på platten är den snabb som fan! :-)


I don't know when this frame was made.


I love the frame i use my pursuit bike for commuting also its just more fun that way.


57-16 SS for commuting on a TT frame ... OMG!
Hats off, man!
(And that 2nd pic is freaking cool, hehe ...)

You mean "helmet off"?

You mean "helmet off"?

Damn, I want a pursuit/tt

Damn, I want a pursuit/tt frame so bad. Viscious positioning, but I'm sure it's fast.

It´s pretty fast...

I averaged 37km/h on a 30km time trail but that was with 52-16 which meant I had to freewheel a lot downhill.


i feel you have a very flat commute sir

A couple of bridges and

A couple of bridges and other hills but they are short enough to sprint.

You have a bell on it :D

You have a bell on it :D

Off course I have a bell,

Off course I have a bell, you need that in Stockholm!

You don't in Copenhagen ;)

You don't in Copenhagen ;)

Why not?

Everybody cruise at 40km/h in the bicyle lanes in Compenhagen? ;-)

You sir..

You sir are a beast, my friend rides 57/16 as well, it is no joke. Hats off to you if you seriously ride this thing as a commuter.

Thank you!

Of course I am serious!

Just out of curiosity...

Just out of curiosity... where do you commute to and from with that position/ gearing... I'm picturing short flat and really FAST trip...

Stockholm, Sweden

I live in a suburb to Stockholm and work down town. Approx 14km if I take the shortest way (which I often don´t).

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