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cinellixmash 55

thomson stem , deda pista drop bars

cinelli carbon , columbus hs

hed3 , vittoria rubino pro kevlar 700x20

hed3 rear/ cosmic carbone carbon hoop laced to what was a stock mavic ellipse

dura ace 7600 / Shimano dura ace "zen" olympic ring 49t/ sugino 75 bb

concor comfort perf / selle italia SLR XP / thomson seatpost

mks rx1, black toshi doubles /time atac / sram chain


This bike rides great . Its a little excessive for street use , but I enjoy it.

900 shipped for frame, fork, and HS. We can also work out a deal for the thomson seatpost , thomson stem and deda bar set up too. Thinking about getting a custom frame built.

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Sick build man. Dual HED's

Sick build man. Dual HED's look rad. Good call on the saddle as well.

Sharp Frames!

Thinking about switching up my crank setup. How are those Mightys holding up for yah?

I sold them a while ago and

I sold them a while ago and now ride dura ace 7710. I cant tell a difference really, I just wanted octalink and like how DA looks .


God dammit... I guess I can try to have the second best MASH in Baltimore. Mine should be done by this weekend. VERY nice build.

Well mine is sold but my

Well mine is sold but my friend has one around as well with a cinelli badged disc wheel in the rear.

is ur friend eugene? do u

is ur friend eugene? do u know if he was running 170's?

crank arm length

hey what was the length of the crank arms you were using on the mash? and were they pretty close to hitting the frame?

I used 165 length cranks,

I used 165 length cranks, and I dont remember them being questionably close to the frame, I think they were normal distance.

best cinelli mash build

best cinelli mash build

thanks ! this is sold now,

thanks ! this is sold now, but I'm pretty sure I was the first to put dual hed 3's on a mash :)



i guess the bike's ok too.



Love that concor...

Where did you get it?

I got the concor from a bike

I got the concor from a bike swap a year ago

amazing bike

any way youd let the rear hed 3 go?

can, and did. Its been sold

can, and did. Its been sold , read the notes :)

Cool link man :)

Cool link man :)

Good work. Real good work.

Good work. Real good work.


shit is sick dude. alot of these poppin up but i like what you did with it. seat is real nice.

Ugh, pants movement.

Your bike is disgusting. Dude, please tell me where you found that concor; is that a supercorsa perforated?

I've been looking for that saddle forever. Know where to get one?

Great build. I'm happy you ditched the rear hed.

Yes, its the concor

Yes, its the concor suprercorsa black perf. I found it at a bike flea market for 25 dollars. I love it . When I got it , it was pretty mint, now the logos on the side are just about gone

...too legit to quit!

Great work! Lovin' it...


fuck you! i want this bike so bad!

You need the "Super Zen"

You need the "Super Zen" chainring for that build :) And a close-up shot of the drivetrain.

this is my dream bike

first off I love this setup, the rims are very sweet, sick ass build

So nice

one of the cleanest builds on velospace

i really really like this

i really really like this build!!!

i'd say that's a little more

than a little excessive for the street. looks great though. decided to keep the heds, huh?

I kept the front hed3, I

I kept the front hed3, I took the rear off. Ill update with a picture of how it sits now.

freakin' sick dude.

excellent choice with the cosmic. that weave is really pretty.

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