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Look 565         Featured Bike! on 06/23/2010

Bike tags: Road bike | american classic 205 | Campagnolo Centaur | carbon | kinlin | more tags >>
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Look 565, 55cm, 2007

Easton EC90, Profile Designs 100mm

Look, FSA integrated

American Classic Micro 58, Kinlin XR270, Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX

American Classic 205, Kinlin XR270, Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX

Campagnolo Centaur Ultra-Torque Compact, Record BB cups

Selle SMP Strike Pro, Generic 27.2 carbon

Look Keo, Campagnolo Centaur

Campagnolo Centaur 10 speed

Campagnolo Centaur

50/34 front, 12-25 rear

NOS 2007 Look 565, built up with 2008 Campagnolo Centaur. Rides beautifully. Replaces the Litespeed Sienna I rode for 2 years. The Litespeed was like a Corvette, fast, great in a straight line and a shiny bling-bling. The Look is like a Mercedes E class AMG spec. Comfortable, handles like a dream and not so in your face. Did I mention comfortable ? Can't image how much better a 585 is.

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I never understood the

I never understood the purpose of the design of thad saddle. With the nose angled down like that, its serving no purpose, and doesnt even need to be there . You cant do a seated sprint with the nose at that angle , so its useless.

My balls say otherwise....

My previous bike was written off from an accident that left me with a fractured T8 vertebra, broken ribs and a serious case of road rash. After my recovery, I found my position on the saddle changed significantly. 10-15 km in to a ride, the numbness between by legs would work it's way down to a point where my legs would become numb. Not even a RETUL fit solved the problem. The selle SMP did. The combination of the width, cut out and curvature has allowed me to have a much more aggressive position since my injury one year ago when this photo was taken and I was still in recovery mode - I have since raised my saddle position 1.5cm and dropped the stem by 4cm over the last 6 months. It looks funny, but it worked wonders for me. Heavy as hell, though...

They didn't incorporate the

They didn't incorporate the slanted nose for stylistic reasons. It's for comfort, especially on long rides. By taking pressure off your package, it's meant to cut down on numbness.

Numbness is caused from

Numbness is caused from pressure on your soft tissue, the nose tilted down like that is not fixing the problem. A cut out would, which it has .. I still dont get the design .

I don't own one, so I can't

I don't own one, so I can't say for sure. But the reviewer at cyclingnews liked it for its comfort.

"As for the ergonomic claims? The saddle did almost everything it claimed it would, there was little or no pressure on the soft tissue between my legs while riding which was really easy to appreciate after a couple of hours on the bike. The characteristic numbness that accompanies long rides seemed conspicuously absent while on the Strike Pro, although the tail of the saddle was a little hard for my liking. The nose dropped away at the front creating space to climb more comfortably although climbing on the nose of the saddle was out of the question as the length mean that you were just too far forward to climb efficiently."

hi fellow look owner

hi fellow look owner


how do you like those hubs?
i cant decide between those or the new ultegra, to build my new wheel set with.


So far, no complaints after about 1000km. I have the older 15mm hub version, not the upgraded 17mm, but they are perfectly fine. The wheelset is pretty light, but not the stiffest I have ever ridden.

....but 1400 grams with campy freehub for less than 200 on craigslist, I can't complain.

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