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Geronimo (Trek 520)

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1989 Trek 520

SR, Maes bend

Stock; last year with the forged fork crown

Campagnolo Record, Mavic Reflex 700c, Conti Top Touring 32

Campagnolo Record 8 speed, Mavic Reflex 700c, Conti Top Touring 32; 13-26 cassette

Campagnolo Racing T with T.A. chainrings, 48, 39, 24. Chorus sealed BB.

Serfas Cosmo, generic 27mm post (spec 27.2 won't fit)

Shimano M324 flip-flop; SRAM 8-speed

Campagnolo 8-speed brifters, first generation. Campagnolo Racing T rear derailleur, Shimano Deore XT front.

Shimano cantilever

Tubus Cosmos rear rack

Picked up the frame off Craigslist for cheap, and no wonder -- at some point the seller had hacked off the cantilever studs and covered the scars with rattlecan black paint. The color and graphics are late '90s Trek, done by the factory after an earlier owner (not the get-out-the-hacksaw guy) had some work done. I had studs put back on in 700c position (bike had 27" originally) and the paint touched up, then built up the bike with mostly Campagnolo. Some adaptation on the drivetrain: Am using compact T.A. chainrings and the standard Racing T front derailleur is made for much larger rings; a Shimano Deore works great, however. As built, this bike has done Boston-Montreal and Berlin-Budapest -- a total champ.

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I admire your touring

I admire your touring prowess~ Magnifique!

Merci !

Time to do another long tour, I'd say.

it's a beaut

no doubt

Love the 520

Great bike. These touring rigs have fine deep histories. Adding to the cluster.


Nice bike (you have many nice bikes and some good stories to go with them). I am jealous of your steel and its ability to add braze-ons (or remove them, hah). ...I am confused though, have you had the frame repainted since the modifications?
I too have done the 27" TO 700c conversion on my touring bike (long reach calipers though--I am also jealous of your cantis) and your drive-train is looking good (something I have to overhaul as I look towards Europe-dom, hah).
Thanks for sharing!

no repaint

Just a touch-up. The rattlecan black was just over where the 27" studs had been. I took that off with thinner, then the frame guy put down new studs in 700c position (just 4mm lower) and matched the green just where the frame needed it. If you look close you can see it, but no one's ever said, "Hey, you got those studs moved!" The bike was supposed to be a cheap project, but the drivetrain took me over the top; had to save money somewhere! Glad you like the bike (and other bikes); one of my all-time favorites.

How do you like the Top Tourings?

I have one on my not-yet-running touring build, and I think I have a line on a second; but I'm a little twitchy about 10-year old tires. Do they live up to their rep?

Love 'em

Nice ride, very durable, great puncture resistance. I don't think they have Kevlar, but I've had only one flat in the last decade or so, literally. They're doing something right.

This being the case, I've done my best to corner the market on NOS TTs -- have four 32s and two 28s in reserve. I know Continental makes updated models, but I've heard the quality has declined, and have just had such great luck with TTs. So, yes, if you've got some that are in good shape, I'd say to run with them.

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