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Blue Peugeot PX-10 ~1972

Bike tags: Road bike | blue | peugeot | px-10 | Reynolds 531
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PX-10, 62cm, ~1972- note the non-fancy lugs

Guidons Phillipe


Mavic MA-40 with Panaracer "Pasela"


Shimano 600, 172's

Selle Italia xo

Shimano 600, Simplex Retro-friction

Mafac Racer/stock

This is my PX-10. I'm not sure on the year, but believe it's a 1972. Still haven't found a definitive answer about the non-fancy lugs and exactly when those were used, much less why... All in all I love this bike. I would appreciate any feedback and answers regarding year and the use of these particular lugs. Thanks.

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Look under the bottom

Look under the bottom bracket, there should be a riveted metal piece serial # with 7 digets starting with a 2, this means the 2 is a 1972 model.

You're right!

Thanks, I didn't know how to interpret the serial number. It is a '72.

1972 px 10

I also have a 1972 PX-10 white, black lugs with a campy upgrade bought it new in 72, still have it with a Brooks Pro seat, with copper rivets, chrome forks and stays, changed to clincher wheels from Mavic, had sew ups, which were hard to repair.

px 10

great bike it is the first blue px 10 ive seen . i have a 75 px 10 but it is red .keep up the great work jimt

that stem is crazy long

that stem is crazy long

I know,

sadly it's stuck in the head tube and I'm nervous to mess with it too much for fear of messing up the forks. Lucky for me I have longer than average arms.

I have dealt with my share

I have dealt with my share of stuck steams. They suck. I don't know what you have tried yet, but i usually can get it out by undoing the bold a few threads then hammering (lightly) the top of the bolt to try and get the bolt that locks it in place ( i am spacing on the name of that bolt) loose. If its still siezed, I would remove the steam bolt all the way, take out the front brake, and get some long skinny piece of metal, I use an immense screwdriver thats about 1 foot and a half long, and hammer it from the bottom. soaking it in WD40 doesn't hurt.

that may have been a bunch of information you weren't looking for, but just in case.

I am working on a PX-10 build myself, so I find myself getting overexcited about it. I have the simple nervex lugs as well, and I think your right that they only used them for a bit around 72. The blue is really sweet.


In my rather epic battle with the stem I did essentially what you describe above- and then some. All manner of penetrants were used. I eventually used a file and a hacksaw blade on the inside of the stem after cutting off the top, and tried as best I could to fold it in on itself. Even then I had to pound on it from the bottom for all I was worth. It was a long day. I NEVER want to go through that again. I'm already thinking I should remove the new stem I put in there at least every 6 months and clean and grease it just to make sure it never sticks in there again.

I'll look forward to seeing your project posted!

Changed stem

I spent the better part of a Saturday getting the 3ttt stem out. Had to cut it in order to get the fork out of the frame and spent all day with penetrant and files, etc. to get the stuck part out of the steer tube. Not fun, but now I've got a more appropriate Guidons Phillipe stem in there.

So you went from a 22.2mm stem to a 22.0?

That may have been the reason the stem was stuck - the 3T stem may have been standard diameter, instead of the narrower French one. I've seen Sheldon's advice that you can sand down a standard stem to fit a French steerer, but who knows whether that was done correctly?


I'm not the original owner and the 3t stem came 'in-situ' as it were. It's quite possible someone decided to hammer it in there thinking .2mm is not that big of a difference. But it is, of course, it IS!

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