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1991 Cinelli The Next Machine with Campagnolo Centaur MTB group and Modolo Morphos integrated controls

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Cinelli The Next Machine, size M, 1991

Haro stem with 1.25" quill, Deda Big Piega with 31.8mm clamp diameter

Cinelli with Columbus Max OR tubeset, in Nivacrom® steel tubing / 1.25" Tange threaded (evolution size)

Campagnolo 1991 Centaur hub with Campagnolo Thorr rim and Michelin XCR 26" x 1.40

Campagnolo 1991 Centaur hub with Campagnolo Thorr rim and Michelin XCR 26" x 1.40

Campagnolo 1991 Centaur with 175mm crankarms / Gary Fisher BB (the one with seeger ring)

Isca Selle Vuelta titanio in black perforated leather and titanium rails /TAQ 33 seatpost 400mm long and Ø27.0mm

Look CX7 carbon / Rohloff

Modolo Morphos integrated controls / 1991 Campagnolo gearset with 35mm clamp on front mech

XLC cyclocross mini V brake / Modolo Morphos integrated controls

1996 Campagnolo Veloce 8 speed cogset in 13-23 toothing / 48-38-28 chainring


Light and easy, silent and comfortable as only good steel can be, but reliable and reactive. A dream to me.
At the first assembling I placed Modolo Morphos integrated controls, then I decided to use 1988 Campagnolo Centaur thumbshifters and their matching brake levers. In the right shifter I mounted an 8 speed indexed ratchet taken from an 8s down tube shifter.

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the bike has been SOLD

i am so jealous.

i am so jealous.

Modern classic

I am all for 70s 80s race and track bikes, nut at the same time I am thinking about a redesign. The Cinelli The Next Machine is the answer.
I remember reading an interview with Cino Cinelli and his ideas for the future was a race bike with small wheels (remember that todays big wheels are designed for the horrible roads a 100 years ago).

Is it sold? How tall are you? Inseam?
Will the rear fork take a modern 11 speed?

Thanks for showing your ride

The negative critics are trying to find a classic frame when they look at the Next Machine. They will not understand. Lack of vision. The Next Machine can't be compared to a classic frame.

Hello and thanks for the

Hello and thanks for the appreciation words.
The bike is still available for sale.
I'm 184cm, the frame is 480mm (seat tube center to top) and 585mm (horizontal tube, center to center). I use a 400mm seatpost but it's not long enough to allow me to get my usual position on the bike.
The frame takes a 135mm O.L.D. (off locknut distance) rear hub; maybe it can take a 130mm rear hub...
Please feel free to ask me for any question.

If it was in my size


If it was in size Large, I would have liked to buy it. If you ever find The Next Machine in Large, don't hesitate to contact me.

I sell this bike

Hello there.
This bike is too small for me, consequently I never ride it and I'M SELLING IT.
I accept reasonable offers for the whole bike or for frame & fork.
Feel free to write me via Velospace to gat any info.
The bike is in Milan, Italia but I ship it everywhere and I guarantee a bomb-proof package.

how are those modolo morphos

how are those modolo morphos treating you?

modolo morphos

the Modolo integrated levers are simply awful; maybe they do not work fine with old Campy derailleurs because these aren't as smooth as modern ones. So probabbly the Morphos be work fine with other derailleurs...
Anyway - as you can see in the other pics - I stripped them away and placed original Campy thumbshifters.

who knew cinelli was copying gary fisher so hard.....

The evolution of the mountain bike from the clunker to the 29er is a beautiful thing, and I am glad to see shining examples of it's evolution. Things like campy OR groups, 1.25" threaded headsets and GF's wacky 85mm Bottom bracket with the press in bearings and the seeger retaining rings. And elevated chainstays. And drop bars ala John Tomac. And this bike has all those things.

Sweet rides that you have. Let haters hate, they are all just jealous that they have no vision anyway.

Thanks for the kind

Thanks for the kind words.
About you description of atb evolution, you must be a poet...

i mean...

there are so many things wrong with this that "frankenbike" doesnt cut it.... I love the frame too, but maybe the most apt demonstration of "if you love something, set it free"

Ok, ok : I've understood.

Ok, ok : I've understood. So, what you suggest?

Are you serious?

Are you serious?

get a life...

get a life...

Didn't mean to offend. But,

Didn't mean to offend. But, it seems like the bike ist way to small for you and I think the long seat post and the hight stem looks really ugly.

The frame itself is actually quite nice, exceptional at least.

The bike is small for me

The bike is small for me because I found it NIB in a bike shop, but I had to own it and I bought it. Anyway I have to admit the bike does look a bit ugly :)

holy god!

that is quite possibly one of the ugliest things i've ever seen!

Sono sicuro che tu sia uno

Sono sicuro che tu sia uno di quegli imbecilli che inserisce commenti negativi per il solo gusto di farlo: una persona normale non perde tempo ad inserire un commento negativo. Perchè non ti fai un giro e cerchi di defungere?

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