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3Rensho Track

Bike tags: Track bike | 3rensho
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Late 80's Katana

3ttt / Nitto

Stock / Chris King

Atlanta / Phil / Sapim

Atlanta / Phil / Sapim

Dura Ace / Sugino

Kashimax / Random carbon

Origin8 / Shadow Conspiracy

Just joshin.

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Nice wheelset, but atari x campagnolo. lol

just out of interest what is

just out of interest what is with the aero fork and ahead stem rather than the original fork and threaded headset?

some would call that blasphemy ;)


please don't do it! flat black is worse than flat pink

Alright then... about raw steel with NOS Rensho decals and an auto-quality clearcoat?

Please! Anything is better

Please! Anything is better than flat black=)

The black spokes with the

The black spokes with the silver Atlantas look great! Are they bladed?

if you are going to flat

if you are going to flat black it just spray over the paint so if you change your mind or ever sell it you can just lightly buff off the flat black and wha la original paint.

flat black

do it up maaan

This is my old frame, please

This is my old frame, please so not strip the paint, this thing's a rareeee find.

Did you get it off of eBay for 00 or whatever the ridiculous amount was that the seller wanted?

Mistaken Identity

Wasn't a rare color, I got this from a dude in Denver who sold it to me for a fairly reasonable price direct. I love the bike to death but the color is hella ostentatious.

Nope. It's definitely the

Nope. It's definitely the same frame I had. 52.5 x 52.5. The same little piece of the builder's sticker is missing. I've never seen another katana track frame, only road frames.

It was up on ebay for 1400 several months ago from a seller in China or somewhere.

Mystery for sure. Dude who

Mystery for sure. Dude who sold it to me claimed to have been the only owner for the last 6 years. Well below 1400 that's for sure. I've seen 2 other Katana track frames in this exact same color and around this same height, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were different frames.

At any rate, I'll do it up right I promise.


just like the cyclops, you do this to pain me ;)

Ghost of Cyclops...

Hey man I got NOS 3Rensho decals and everything, going to get a professional job for real. I learned a hard lesson from that Cyclops...


will look good clearcoated.
Be good to see a nice keirin frame without a fussy build and a nice but rugged paint job!
Raw metal all the way i say, my alu frame has been stripped for about a year with some crazy things going on there.


Great news! I've got a 3R roadie in need of resto myself, I have the decals but haven't gone ahead with the paint...

Good luck with the paint! I hope the clear turns out well.

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