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kUdja's Cinelli X Mash_V2

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Cinelli X Mash / 53cm / 2009

Nitto RB-018 Bullhorn Bar with Brooks Black Leather Bar Tape & MASH Riser Bar End (silver) / Thomson Elite Stem


Phil Wood Track High Flange / H Son Plus Fromation Face silver / Hutchinson Intensive

Phil Wood Track High Flange / H Son Plus Fromation Face silver / Hutchinson Intensive

Sugino 75 / Sugino 75 NJS

THE Lux Imported Leather Saddle / Thomson Masterpiece

Wellgo with SAG BIKE DOUBLE STRAPS / Spank Tweet Tweet Half Link

Sugino 75 46T

kUdja's Cinelli X Mash

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Thomson stem

I noticed its upside down, so it sits straight. what degree is the stem?

15 degree rise

15 degree rise


nicely selected parts, very clean build, nicest MASH i have seen, well done.

Cinelli Mash sizing

How tall are you? I'm 5ft5 and can't decide whether to get this in a 53 or 55...

Waaayy off...

I 5'7 and I have the 53 and I have about 1 inch of clearance under me and thats only because of the pursuit geometry. If youre 5'5 you'll definitely need the 50

Maybe even the small frame

It's basically a 50cm frame

get the 53

I ride a 56 or 57 cm frame and i'm 6'1.
The 55 would be too big for you.

I like this

I like this

the white deep v's look

the white deep v's look great with that frame.

i agree, that combo is

i agree, that combo is beautiful

Where's the saddle-to-bars

Where's the saddle-to-bars drop if it's a 'pursuit' bike?

Jus aksin'...

so wait...

is the Mash basically just the Vigorelli except with geometry that allows it to do bar spins? Or am I missing another difference?

Delete your account and get

Delete your account and get off this site. Your a fucking retard. Learn bike geo. basics before you say shit like that


They used worse tubing than the vigorelli didnt they?


They used the same tubing.

You can't do barspins. It a

You can't do barspins. It a more aggressive geo, slightly pursuity. It puts you in a position to get the most out of your pedal stroke.

pedal stroke

Um... pursuit style geometry doesn't give you a better pedal stroke. Your position above your pedal and the saddle height determine whether or not you get the most out of your stroke. That pursuit styled geometry was given to that frame because a lot of kids who ride fixed gears today think it's cool I guess, it does look kind of cool and its probably fun, but it's no beneficial to your riding, especially with that set up. You wonder why they abandoned that geometry for pursuit bikes like 10 years ago?

Yeah, it does have a

Yeah, it does have a slightly more pursuit style geometry, but with that huge tower of spacers, a upright stem AND riser bars.... it's a total waste and completely defeats the purpose of having such a frame. Might as well turn it into a beach cruiser.

this is not correct at

this is not correct at all.

both nice bikes though.

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