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Porsche Design Inspired Leader 721

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Leader 721tr, Powdercoated Charcoal Gray, Custom Porsche Design Decals

Workerman Wooden, Velo Orange 70mm

Leader, FSA

Velocity B43 Silver, Zaffiro

Velocity B43 Silver, Zaffiro

Sugino RD, TA Alize 47T Ring, Truvative Square Taper

Soma Okami, Miche Supertype




47-18 (Dura Ace Cog)

Visit for the gorgeous handlebars

Build based on the Porsche Design Fearless F28 Yacht. Don't know why that inspired me, but I love the Porsche Design group philosophy and products. Timeless clean style.

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do you know that

your chainring is on the wrong side of the crank arm? lol. should be on the outside...unless you're having alignment issues or something


this bike is cooooool!sike its like all the others nothing to really set it apart

can ride with that wood bar,

can ride with that wood bar, or will it break yo?

Yeah it's very rigid. I

Yeah it's very rigid. I wouldn't go drop off a 4' ledge with it, but for everyday riding it's fine.


I'm sure they are strong-ish but they terrify me.

So original

Love it. Beautiful!

Ohhh....need some new shorts....

Love everything about this ride!! This thing is just plain sexy. Do you ever ride it!? lol

for those looking to get wood right now....


Subtle and beautiful!

Subtle and beautiful!

Damn, another Leader with

Damn, another Leader with the rear end problem, where the rear wheel is almost touching the seattube, but yet the axle is in the far back of the trackends.

What's the spacers for on TOP of your stem? You should just cut your fork down abit, get rid of those.

Yeah it's some pretty poor

Yeah it's some pretty poor design on their part. You get what you pay for!

I haven't ridden the bike yet, so I may need to raise the stem a bit. Easier to make the steer tube shorter than longer ;)

The poor design is because

The poor design is because of the model...the newer ones (i.e. 725 and all that) have better clearance but still have a tight geometry since they tried to fuse track geometry and a comfortable geometry for street

so aesthetically pleasing.

so aesthetically pleasing. turned out really nice. show bike for sure

Thanks a lot man,

Thanks a lot man, appreciated.

Does Dura ace cogs go over

Does Dura-ace cogs go over 16t?

Actually you may be right,

Actually you may be right, It could be a 16 tooth and I just suck at reading.


Nice build! I really like the wooden handlebars.

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