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Custom Track Bike

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2007 Handbuilt by me, under the study of Koichi Yamaguchi

Nitto B123, sakae

Handbuilt, chris king

zipp3000/campy shamal 16 bladed

phil laced to velocity aerohead or an aerospoke or zipp950

Sugino 75 and Shimano

Selle Success Token white carbon racing (uncomfortable) UPDATE: it is now a Selle success Batavus saddle

MKS/MKS with eribi sprints or shimano ultegra clipless and a sram chain

49X17 or 15 depending on the riding being done

I built this frame while I was studying with Koichi Yamaguchi. It is a blast to ride and feels great.
Right now I am riding with the phil/aerohead rear and campy front. it is just great.

just started riding the zipp set at the NE velodrome, its definitely a different feel.

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making the frame with a

making the frame with a triple triangle would have put this bike over the top. still a sick bike though minus the aerospoke

Love it. Especially the head

Love it. Especially the head badges.

Super clean. The bike you built for Lauren is awesome too.

zipp 3000

Nice bike. Im looking for front zipp3000 wheel. Please do let me know if you want to sell it.

[email protected]

Nice Work!

Mind if I add her to my Yamaguchi cluster?

Sick Bikes!!

Sick Bikes!!


The perfect bike...


Skeeter from Doug has the same ones haha ==>



Build me one !!! 57cm

a hed3, zipp 3000, and an

a hed3, zipp 3000, and an aerospoke? that's just too wild.

what is the wheelbase?

what is the wheelbase?


I'm enjoying you golden feather emblem on your fixed gear! And good job building the frame!


Love it. Especially the head badges. Super clean. The bike you built for Lauren is awesome too.



Minty Discs

The disc is MINT.

HED3 Aerospoke or disc

will you sell any of those?


Hey I think I have seen you around. Thought I'd drop a line. Bike looks sweet man. See you on the road.

nice work, but what about

nice work, but what about that Basso thats overlooked.


that basso is slick. it is this one

but in my picture it had been sold to a different friend so it has some different parts.


Yo Man,
It was sweet to see your bike in person. We road CranksGiving yesterday. I was the one in the yellow shirt with the nitto bullhorns bombing down Park Ave with you and your friend...good times. Ride Safe.


Thanks for leading the way man. it was a really fun time! first race in NYC was definitely a good experience.

Cranksgiving Video -

My friend Kierie, with her crazy duct tape helmet cam, just made a video of the race. Check it out...there are a few shots of you with your Yamaguchi hat. The scene where we are riding above traffic next to Grand Central Terminal is pretty sweet. Enjoy.

SO beautiful

Amazing build, my friend! Beautiful proportions, looks ridiculously fast just sitting there! The color scheme is hot and I agree that the gold feather is a really sweet detail!

Thanks Brian, I like it

Thanks Brian,
I like it a lot too and its hard to go slow on. It might be getting a fancy paintjob in the future though as now I work with bikes and have a real paint crew around.

without a doubt one of the

without a doubt one of the most awesome bikes i have ever seen.

This just confirmed it...

Well, now i am definitely going to be building my own frame this summer. a fantastic build. i really like the gold feather logo as well.

to quote bill maher "new rules"

this bike just raised the bar

well done

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else."
------Margaret Mead

2 G's well spent. nice work!

2 G's well spent. nice work!


i be givin' you haf a samwich and two high fives for that thing. Nice pictures,


Oh. Oh WOW! This is great.



This is great. I'm sure it means a lot to you, and must of been a blast to build and even more so ride. Congrats on making a beautiful bike.

With it set up as a disc, only divine beings can save us from its power. Yaya.


It is really fun to ride and it fits so well because it was built for my exact specifications.

Going to Yamaguchi was cool for getting an awesome frameset out of it but I really went so that i can start building frames on my own.

Yea man. Thats awesome. I

Yea man. Thats awesome. I hope you really get into it deep.

I went to UBI with framebuilding in mind, but after I was done with the mechanics courses, I just decided to go home. I really want to go back out there and do their program though. Or Mr. Yamaguchi's, which would be a dream.

Doesn't he have stem building course also? That would be something great.

I'm so gonna buy one of your frames :D!


sick bike you got there.
what's the stand-over height on it?

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