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Mini Vivalo NJS         Featured Bike! on 01/25/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 46cm | chrome | concor | more tags >>
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Vivalo Professional 46cm NJS

Nitto Jaguar / Nitto B123AA or Nitto B259AA

Vivalo / Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

Phil Wood / Chrome H Plus Son

Phil Wood / Chrome H Plus Son

Dura-Ace Octalink

Concor America / Thomson Elite


47 Sugino Mighty Comp / 17 Surly


Very nice street build!! it looks beautiful man!


What size is that frame? I didn't know they made frames smaller than my Soma!

It can't get any better, and it can't get any worse, things are what they are, so you better get used to it nancy, quit your bitchin'.

Those chrome H+son's look

Those chrome H+son's look the business. Really nice build.

they also make good tacos

they also make good tacos haha.

but no they are cool looking

How's the toe-overlap on

How's the toe-overlap on your bike?


not so bad, I have pretty small feet/clips though. Catch your toes if you're not careful though hah

reminds me of those micro

reminds me of those micro hot wheels from back in the day

H Plus Son

Love them Chromes.


I just want to poke it and hug it and squeeze its cheeks it's so darn cute!



Nitto b125's probably

Nitto b125's probably wouldn't be as ridiculous as those b123's, I think.


This is the smallest track bike I have ever seen....


so long to find one this small


How tall are you?


5 feet


5 feet



reflections from the grass

reflections from the grass

green jesus!

those are the shiniest shits ever!

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