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Happy Birthday To Me Bianchi Pista Concept

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Bianchi Pista Concept / 51 cm / 2008

Nitto risers with celeste Champ long grips/ Thompson Elite 90 mm

Bianchi stock /Cane Creek integrated

HF Phil Wood LE Copper Track/ Velocity Deep V / Vittoria Rubino

HF Phil Wood Track LE Copper Track / Velocity Deep V / Gatorskin

165 mm Sugino 75s / Phil Wood

San Marco Concor Light / Miche Supertype

MSK Slvyan / Toshi doubles / Sram chain

44-17 /Sugino 75


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screw the bike, i want

screw the bike, i want pictures of that karmenn ghia behind it in the first photo

saddle and seat post.

Try lowering your saddle height so you can level out your saddle.

Thanks, ya I took this

Thanks, ya I took this picture right after I had the cranks put on and hadn't tweaked everything to ride the way I wanted.

by far for me the best color

by far for me the best color in the pista concept

This makes me happy!!!!! So

This makes me happy!!!!! So clean...


I love that picture!

Thanks...the cake is a vegan

Thanks...the cake is a vegan Maggie Mudd's ice cream cake! And the frame is just tasty all on it's own.

maggi mudd

oh god oh god oh god. when the end comes, i will be at maggie mudd's.
vegan fruit loops ice cream? yesss.

ha ha ha...I love that

ha ha ha...I love that place, but always over-do it when ordering. For example, the cake was for 2 people...we totally made ourselves sic trying to eat it all.

Oh, man!

I'm so jealous of your cake!
I don't quite know what Magge Mud is, but I'm always down for some vegan cake haha. I need to make one soon. I haven't indulged in sweets of that caliber in a while.

What are you building it up with?

I was thinking of using all

I was thinking of using all Italian components, but am not sold on the Miche crankset and can't afford a Campi record. So far I have a sweet black Miche Supertype seatpost...more to come when I get paid again.

that makes sense

Italian components, rad.
Have you looked for used campy cranks?
Ebay would be a good place to search.

Are you going to get the miche wheelset?

Still undecided. The miche

Still undecided. The miche wheelset is awesome, thanks for the suggestion, that will definitely come later in the process. I am looking at cranksets right now and have to say that a campi record would be sick, but might end up giving in and putting 75s on it cause they are a bit more reasonable compared to the record. Going to hit up eBay right now...

Have your ridden the Campi's or the Miche advanced cranks? What do you think of them?

I apologize in advance for the length of this comment.

They seem like a good wheelset. My old bike and my current beater had/have miche hubs and they are pretty decent. After riding almost every day throughout Denver's winter, they were pretty ready for new bearings. I am probably going to have them repacked with phils. But that is with an ungodly amount of salt on the roads, snow, muddy water and all sorts of crap. I'm sure that in more desirable conditions, they would last a pretty long time and I have heard nothing but good things about them.

I'm not even sure if you would even really gain any noticeable quality with the campy in comparison to the sugino 75's. But having an all italian bike is always cool, though.

I have not ridden either the miche or the campy crank sets.
My bike used to have the truvative/sram omnium cranks on it and they were awesome. Plus, you can find them with the bottom bracket and a 48th ring for about 0 new. They are mighty stiff.
I have heard that the miche bottom bracket is sub-par. So investing in a campy/iso phil wood square taper bottom bracket with the right spindle length wouldn't be a bad idea. I haven't heard anything bad about the crank itself, though.

Thanks. I have been reading

Thanks. I have been reading up on the cranksets and have come to a similar conclusion. The miche BB issue seems to require a nicer BB like a Campi anyway, so why throw Miche cranks on a Campi BB? I found a record crankset for the same price as the 75s on ebay, so am toying with just snagging that.

The Truvative omniums seem like a really good option, and if they are as stiff as the 75s I would be stoked on that lower price point.

No need to apologize for the length of your comment. I appreciate the dialogue.


I have read reviews from several trackies who have said the omniums were noticeably stiffer than the 75's.

Haha alright.

Oh, good to know. Arg, more

Oh, good to know. Arg, more options! Now I just need to make a decision on the cranks so I can actually ride this bike sometime this year. Thanks.

You are welcome

Haha best of luck to you. I can't wait to see this thing built up.

You are welcome

Haha best of luck to you. I can't wait to see this thing built up.



How did I know it was gonna

How did I know it was gonna be a concept before i opened it. lol.

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