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Cinelli x Mash

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Cinelli x Mash

Nitto / Thomson


Open Pro / Phil Wood

Open Pro / Phil Wood

Sugino 75 / Sugino

Selle San Marco Regal / Thomson

MKS / Izumi?

Phil Wood

Not nearly as spectacular as others. Just reused parts from old bike mostly. I'm poor..

47x17. Want some drop bars.

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Hey. How're the handlebars holding up with that stem? Is it 26mm or 25.4? I got the same bars and am looking at these stems but unsure about using them with a 25.4mm clamp..


hey man, i know its a thomson stem but what model izzit? and can i know the dgree anngle aswell.. 10 or 17? cheer


i happen to think this build is a lot smarter than any so-called "spectaular" version on this site. this bike's elegance is in its simplicity; more expensive parts won't help in making it more fun to ride, when in fact, they'll just end up making it look silly (now really, 1600 dollar racing wheels look, honestly, plain douchié on a frame designed specifically for the street).

this one's awesome.
"ride it like you'd ride your wife."
- nagasawa

Nice...waiting for mine.

Nice bike...Im waiting for mine from the LBS (Wrench Science). Anyhow, its funny to see this one because its close to my setup, so I pretty much see my bike ahead of time. I have Open Pro CD's with Black Phils too from my previous bike. Good of the better built ones agreed. Ill post up when mine arrives (should be the next shipment).


i been wanting one of these for a while, but much agreed open pros looking sick along with the whole bike. Im super jealous, but if you do upgrade your rims go open pro ceramic!...i rode one for a while and i absolutely loved it was super light


Why the hell would be

Why the hell would be upgrade a brakeless track bike from Open Pro rims, to the Open Pro Ceramic coated rims? That is totally and completely pointless. The ceramic coating only created a harder layer on the rim to resist against brake pads wearing down the rim, and to improve stopping power in wet conditions.

Terrible suggestion.


Without a doubt the best looking Cinelli/Mash bike on this site! Great work!

Open Pros are too classy for

Open Pros are too classy for this bike; throw some fucking H-Sons on there.

Haha. I figure this was a

Haha. I figure this was a joke. Not everyone wants to ride such heavy ass rims. Those things weight almost +630g. each! Open pro's are only around 420g.

I don't know about that.

I don't know about that. Open Pro's have been pretty lame lately, cracking at the base of the eyelets all the time.

But they still look nice on this bike. definitely the best looking Cinelli/Mash on here.

Oh cmon man...this is SUPER

Oh cmon man...this is SUPER nice! Those Open Pro's look really good with that frame, with the gray color. VERY nice!

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