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2009 Visp Track 791

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Visp TRX 791/ 50 cm/ 2009

Profile T2 Wing Base Bar/ Ritchey WCS 4-Axis Stem

Visp/ VP-A98ACS Headset

Vuelta Deep V 42mm/ Joytech Hub 32H/ Specialized Mondo Pro II Tires

Vuelta Deep V 42mm/ Joytech Hub 32H/ Specialized Mondo Pro II Tires

Origin 8 Double-Double 44t 165mm/ Sugino BB

Specialized Toupe/ Specialized Pave Advanced Composite Seat Post

Shimano R540 SPD-SL / KMC Z510H-Red/Black 1/8"


Tekro Front Brake with Red Pads/ SRAM TT500 Brake Levers

Dura Ace Cog 16t

The Profile T2 Bars and Ritchey stem aren't on yet, cause I don't have em yet. But currently its some no name stem and an Easton Delta Aluminum Base bar.

Also, I'll be replacing the white handlebar tape with some fizik dual tape black/red.

I might also be replacing the tires with Hutchinson Fusion 2 Kevlar Tires, Black/Grey/Red.


I Name My Bike: RIOT!

Bike Weighs 19.48 lbs.

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love your bike its sick also the wheel set is awesome =)


I'm selling this bike on ebay.

Why two brake levers? What

Why two brake levers? What does the other lever go too?

2 brake levers

Ha its cause I can't stand staring at one side with a brake and the otherside without one...So i just put both on. I like being symmetrical.


+1 for OCD


Nice build, it's gabe, what happened to the H+sons you were gona have on ther


Eh, I figured they weren't worth the money over the ones I have now. If I was building a carbon fiber track bike, yeah maybe, but these wheels are actually incredibly not bad! So I'm happy. What do u think? Frikkin awesome?!?! It's so custom it's priceless.!.!.

haha its so sick, we gotta

haha its so sick, we gotta plan a ride sometime, I have a really comfy seat now, so i've been wanting to go on a really long ride, what do you think?

Ha how long are you talking

Ha how long are you talking about?

umm however long would be

umm however long would be realistic on a fixed gear, i'm down for whatever tho it would be cool to try at least 20 miles, but more would be good

umm however long would be

umm however long would be realistic on a fixed gear, i'm down for whatever tho it would be cool to try at least 20 miles, but more would be good

Hmm perhaps. I'm still

Hmm perhaps. I'm still getting used to the idea of fixies..It might not be my thing.


that's quite an investment of time and money for something you're not sure about. It has paid off, I must admit it's an attractive bike. Go ride and enjoy!

Haha thanks! I just rode

Haha thanks! I just rode with my godbrother today and I've decided to keep fixed gear for 6 months, see if I want to change back to ss at the end of that. But yeah, thanks! I'm glad my summer project turned out really hot and sexy. Haha


hutchinson kevlars have frayed out on me in the past...but maybe fusions are better?
just saying


Really? I guess it works for some people and not for others. I opted for the fusion 2s cause they were on sale, but I may just get another pair of Mondos. I've never had a flat in a year with the Mondos, and I've ridden almost everyday, so, I guess I'm sticking with what's proven!

I've seen these on ebay and

I've seen these on ebay and read some things about the frame, but whats your take on it? How does it ride?

How it Feels

Yeah, I've read some of the comments about it, and some say its like crap. But honestly, this bike rides like any other. Maybe even better. I think the Zertz inserts and the handlebar tape really help dampen vibrations though, so maybe that's what makes this ride frickin awesome! It feels fast, incredibly smooth, Crazy Stiff, the weights not bad, and overall its very good!


did you add the red yourself to the frame & fork? I have a 52 cm in black I want to build up but I'm thinking about painting it first. The build looks clean though.


Yeah! I did. I painted the frame. I actually want to put some more red on there, because I feel that there was just too much white.. so I'm still figuring it out. Thanks! What colors are you thinking of?


Painted it yesterday. I was going to go all flat black and do an all black bike, but I decided to do something different as classy as that is. So I painted the fork gloss white and the frame a light bluish green color but not like the celeste green of a bianchi. I'm going to try to go with all silver components.

Hopefully I can get a picture up of it. I have all the components except for wheels. Don't know if I want to get White or a polished silver rims. But seeing yours built up inspired me to get a move on.

Hey man! I just saw your

Hey man! I just saw your frame today a few seconds ago! Its pretty sick! I'm glad I inspired you. Hit me up when you finish the thing alright? I wanna check it out!

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