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Eddy Merckx Molteni aXm, Campagnolo Record Carbon

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Merckx aXm / 56cm

Deda Newton / Deda Newton

Easton EC90 SLX / Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Neutron / Campagnolo Neutron / Campagnolo Neutron / Schwalbe Stelvio, orange

Campagnolo Neutron / Campagnolo Neutron / Campagnolo Neutron / Schwalbe Stelvio, orange

Campagnolo Record 10 Carbon / Campagnolo Record Titanium

Selle Italia SLR, white / Eddy Merckx Carbon

Campagnolo Record / Campagnolo Record Ultra Narrow 10 hollow pin

Campagnolo Record 10 Carbon / Campagnolo Record 10 Carbon

Campagnolo Record 10 / Campagnolo Record 10 Carbon

12-25 / 39-53

m'legs & m'arms

Eddy Merckx aXm with custom Molteni paint

I was fitted by Frans Mintjens, former teammate of Eddy Merckx, in Belgium

Frans called the factory & arranged for the Molteni paint scheme at my request. One of these days I'll meet Eddy & get him to autograph it

Arguably too pretty to ride, but I ride it anyway. It has about 4400 buttery-smooth miles on it so far

Sure, it's way too much bike for my abilities, but what the hell...when you get an opportunity like this, you seize it or live forever in regret

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Loving the old school look

Yes in this day and age of black red and white bikes this is great, and no I would'nt worry about Boras - would spoil the retro look (even allowing for it being carbon monocoque). Check out Tommy Voecklers ride in this last years TDF, regular shap campy rims for him (Hyperon?).

So awesome

So awesome

Beautiful ride, simply

Beautiful ride, simply beautiful....

Too nice to ride!

As you said, it looks to nice to ride. Nice job. The Merckx company should bring out a steel model with the replica paint scheme. They would sell a shit load!

Colnago produces a master

Colnago produces a master steel frame in merckx colors

(Eddie rode colnago frames in the beginning of his career)

Yeah I knew that. I work in

Yeah I knew that. I work in a bike shop, and have sold two of the Colnago's. As much as I am a Colnago fan, here in OZ, I think they are over price for the quality of them. I'd still have one though!

looks like eddy merckx

looks like eddy merckx produces a singlespeeder with the classic colours:[tt_news]=61&tx_ttnews[backPid]=40&cHash=2e6c3a47ce

i know its not my bike...

but this is velospace so i get to ask you to tweak your bike to my wishes which are; 1. black saddle/tape/hoods- would really showcase the molteni scheme and match up with carbon bits, 2. campy bora ultras- if youve gone this far you might as well go all effing out, and 3. better drive side pic with cranx clocked to seat tube, down tube, or 12 o'. get on that.


I reckon black seat and tape looks way better myself, but the gum hoods and orange paint make me think tan or brown seat and tape would look damn sweet on this ride.

Also, we're still waiting on that photo... remember to remove the bottles first.

white = yuck

IMO all these colours look better:

Hey, good points all

Hey, good points all. (1) It originally had black hoods & saddle but orange tape. It looked dang good, too, but I wanted to morph it even further with the white tape & gum hoods, a la Eddy's original ride. (2) And I hear ya on the Boras...someday.... (3) As soon as the sun comes out again, I'll post a new side pic w/clocked cranks. Good call

4400 miles on untaped bar

4400 miles on untaped bar wrap wut?

Special procedure on that

Special procedure on that one...I use super-glue in lieu of tape. Much cleaner appearance

Oh, snap

Wow, I think I'll try that next time!

I've always done it neat and durable the hard way - top-down with extra double-sided tape along the edge to prevent it curling, but your way is definitely the go.

Any more detail on your technique? How much glue do you use? Can you reuse the tape after unwrapping it?



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