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Eighthinch Scrambler V2

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Eighthinch Scrambler V2 / 55cm / 2009

mongoose / mongoose

stock eighthinch / stock eighthich

origin 8 / White Weinmann DP18 / blue CST 700x23c

origin 8 / White Weinmann DP18 / Continental ultrasport 700x23c

eighthinch / origin 8

vetta / promax

all city standard track / KMC

46/18 46t eighthinch chainring/18t milwaukee bicycle company cog(great cog)

just got this scrambler frame. i am loving it so for. it is really solid, quick and nimble. didnt know how it would be because it is a very inexpensive frame, but so far i like it alot. I am probably going to powder coat the frame, i am going to buy a better stem, handlebar, and maybe a new seat(although i am loving this vetta seat)

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Awesome Eighth Inch. May I

Awesome Eighth Inch. May I ask what is your height and inseam?? I don't know my perfect size..


clean build, im ordering this frame next week, cant wait, still debating size... i ride a 58 now but i want to step down a lil, its a race between 57 and yours

can u

can u tell me what the fork spacing on the stock fork is?

just put my scrambler up

just put my scrambler up check it out
nice clean build man


just put my scrambler up, check it out

nice build. how tall are

nice build. how tall are you? I may be ordering one of these frames soon and I'm curious...

i am 6 feet tall, frame fits

i am 6 feet tall, frame fits me perfect. i was debating for along time whether i should get a 53 or a 55, but i am glad i went with a 55cm, its a very nice fit. if your thinking about getting one, go for it, it is a killer frame for the price, for sure.

lockedcog just did a review on the scrambler V2, check it out


I have the Mercier kilo tt, tooo much toe overlap.
you say you have no toe overlap.
I've been looking for a barspinnable bike at 700c size,
you say your friend has done it?
does it come with any badges on it?
or plain like that?

I want as little badges as possible.

it comes with absolutely

it comes with absolutely nothing on it, it comes with stickers you can put on it, if you want. but no badges no anything. and i have no toe overlap what so ever.

and on the 57cm scrambler and up(the 59cm, and 61cm) it is possible to bar spin with a 23c tire on the 57cm, you may can run a bigger size tire on the front on the bigger size frames and still be able to bar spin. but on my 55cm i have to force the tire underneath the downtube, so it barspins if i throw my handlebars really hard, but it doesnt barspin smoothly, no. if i got a straight fork i would be able to for sure.

Carbon fork

Could you with the carbon fork option eighthinch has?

Good question, i wouldnt

Good question, i wouldnt know for sure. But the rake on the steel fork is 30mm so if the carbon is less then that then i would say so. Email eighthinch and see what the rake is on the carbon fork is, they are good about responding. You could always go with a straight aftermarket fork and you would be able to barspin on the 55. I am just talking about the 55 cm and lower, the 57cm and up you can barspin with the stock steel fork.


I emailed them, and they said it had a little more rake = undo-able.
I heard carbon would fall apart tricking.


what happened to your front wheel? looks like the paints chipping! nice bike!

?? nah, nothings wrong with

?? nah, nothings wrong with the rim, might be a reflection in the picture or something. what picture are you seeing that in?

thanks for the compliment, btw. i like it too.

Very nice! Real clean

Very nice! Real clean looking. My boyfriend just got this frame in 53cm, we think he should have got a 55cm though. The sizing does seem a bit odd on the Eighthinches, my 49cm isn't much smaller at all, in fact I think I could ride his 53cm no problem and I normally couldn't ride a 53cm. Also, when his bike is next to my 49cm Pake, it's the same height. Mad... Although the length is way longer than mine, the standover height is just weird. Did you submit this to the Eighthinch site?


yeah i submitted it, its up on their site. i debated about getting a 53cm but i didnt want it to be to small. i think the 49cm through the 55cm are very close it size, then it jumps up to the 57cm-61cm which are very different in size. i absolutley love mine, it is great. i hope you get your frame stuff figured out.


What size is it and do u get any toe overlap on it?


it is a 55cm.

and no i have no toe overlap. u thinking about getting one?

scrambler v2

can your 55 barspin that 700c wheel? i'm thinking about getting one looks solid and i'm just asking around for more info THANKS!


its so close i can smell it, lol. but no i am sorry to say it doesnt make it all the way around without me having to budge it under the downtube. i swear if you were to let a little air out of the tires it would make it, maybe. but i run 700x23 so any bigger tires and i wouldnt make it at all.

i guy that i know bought a 57cm scrambler just last week and he says he can barspin. and i think it is possible on the 59 and 61 also.


They sell fork spacers so it makes the 55cm spin easily.

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