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Colnago Track bike

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Colnago ?, Nervex and Bocama Lugs, 58cm

Cinelli Pista 2A Stem, Cinelli Pista Handlebars


Campagnolo records laced on mavics, Tufo tubulars

Campagnolo records laced on mavics, Tufo tubulars

Campagnolo Pista 165mm Crank

Campagnolo Seatpost, Cinelli Unicanitor

Camagnolo with Sprint Doublestraps, Miche Pista Chain


Got this frame from ebay for a good has Colnago stickers on it, but they are not original. The pain scheme is very nice.
The frame has Nervex and Bacoma (BCM stamped) lugging, and a Columbus SLX sticker. I don't think, that this is a SLX because the frame looks older (early 80ies?) The previous owner told me, that the frame was originaly a Raleigh...maybe Reynolds tubing? Maybe someone could help me with that. I added Pictures from the lugs...
Anyway...this machine is good fun to ride, and i will add some other Pictures, when i have a new headset, etc...

update in August 07: new wheels with campy records and tufo tubulars...whoa...this is goiing fast now! cant' wait to test it on track one day....

update in November 09: Campy Pedals, Cinelli Saddle. soon we're gonna have a full 70ies machine! Still looking for a nice Campy headset...

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Hit the track!

Das Velo würde sich bestimmt freuen, mal in Oerlikon ein paar Runden drehen zu dürfen ;)

The seat cluster and fork

The seat cluster and fork crown look like the raleigh, but thats just a guess, But I would google raleigh ti if your really interested in tracking this one down. Either way nice bike!

yo...thanks for the comment,

yo...thanks for the comment, i will post it in fixedgeargallery...maybe someone of the users there has an idea...

You can check the serial number on the BB.

Raleighs have coded serial number that you can tie to where and when it was built. I googled identify Raleighs or raleigh serial numbers or something and identified the two Raleigh pro tracks I have owned. That bikes geometry is spot on Raleigh and the particular thicknesses of the tubing definitely scream Reynolds. I had an 85 and I have a 75 and though the fork crown is similar, its definitely not it. If it is its older than 73 and I've never seen or heard of that. Its not in any of the old catalogs. I know that some years, Raleigh made custom frames to order with Reynolds 753 and either 525 or 501, they used Cinelli lugs for these instead of the Nervex or whatever they put on stock stuff, which would explain why, if it is a Raleigh its way super special and whoever covered that paint job robbed you. Whatever it is its a really nice bike. Good job. -Sugary_Otis

in a german bicycle forum

in a german bicycle forum someone said, that i could be a dutch "gazelle" bike. They used bcm and nervex lugs in the seventies. also the seatstays look very "gazelle". i think it is a custom made dutch bike.


it looks very much like a Gazelle, looks similar to my grey and black one

yeah, thats what i taught

yeah, thats what i taught when i saw yours....the fork looks like the same...

if you there is a

if you there is a framenumber on the bb shell you can mail the friendly people at gazelles customer service and they can tell you more about the bike. (my friend had an answer from them within 2 days, they even asked for pictures of the bike so they could provide more info)

thx! i will try that :-)

thx! i will try that :-)

No Serial number

I can't find any serial number. The Nervex BB has numbers, but they have only information about the frame angles and diameters. It looks that the frame has been built around 1964.
Without any serial number....maybe a small custom builder...somewhere...i will never find out what make this is :-(

Who cares what it is ..thats

Who cares what it is ..thats HOT

I like the dungeon...

have a look to my other pics

have a look to my other pics :-)

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