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Makino Keirin NJS Columbus

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Makino NJS Columbus 58.5cm (c-t) 2007

Nitto NJS Cro-Mo B-123, 39cm/ Nitto NJS Steel Stem, 115mm, 58 degree/ Soyo Long Grips

Makino Columbus Aero/ Hatta Swan NJS

Suzue Pro Max NJS, 36h/ Aero Spokes/ Sun M13II Hand Polished Clinchers/ Veloflex Pave'

Suzue Pro Max NJS, 36h/ Aero Spokes/ Sun M13II Hand Polished Clinchers/ Veloflex Pave'

Dura Ace 7600 NJS Cranks, 167.5mm/ Hatta R-9400 NJS BB

San Marco Concor/ Nitto SP-72 NJS Seat Post

MKS Custom Nuevo NJS with Kashimax 5 Gold NJS Straps/ HKK Vertex Silver NJS

52-16 (88)/ Dura Ace 7700 NJS Chainring, Dura Ace NJS Cog/ MKS NJS Chain Tensioners

This is the bike I dreamed of having. The frame was raced in Japan by a well known S1 Keirin racer named Yoshikazu Sawada, hence the decal on the top tube "Sawada Special". If you want to see him pull a crazy Makuri move to win, check this link His frame specs fit me perfectly. The frame is constructed with Columbus tubing and has aero seat stays and an aero fork. The color is transparent red shot on the sides over chrome with rainbow sparkle clear coat over everything. The hologram decals match the Suzue hologram hubs. I tried to make the build Keirin ready, and I only used a few non-NJS parts. Even those were chosen to look the part. Big thanks to Rene at NJS Supermarket.

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gear ratio?

quick ques~ so here in Taiwan they divide the chainring by the cog to factor the ratio; i.e. 50 divided by 18 is a 2.77. How do you factor your ratio of 88?

Gear Ratio

88 gear inches is equivalent to metric 3.25. I couldn't explain how it's calculated. Your system is often referred to as metric. If you are still curious you can search for 'gear inch ratio' charts (bicycle) and metric gear ratio charts and compare them.

In my opinion, this is the

In my opinion, this is the most beautiful bike on the whole freakin' Velospace.


Thanks man!

Gear Ratio

This is a track gear ratio, 88. It would be horrible to ride in the street. A good street ratio is around 76 in my opinion.


how do you like that gear ratio? use it on the street? im running 49/16. might go 52/16

See the comment above.

See the comment above. Thanks


I think this is a very nice paintjob.
Looks different but interesting.


Absolutely Gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing

Very nice build indeed!! I

Very nice build indeed!! I wanted to do this to my UNO, but I dont ever ride the frame, so selling it. Keep it looking great, and enjoy it anywhere you ride it, track or street, its a bueat!!


I've never seen the point of buying NJS.
Chances are that you'll never race in the Kierin, nor will you be a proffesional racer. Please don't be a fool and ride your overpricedasfuck track bike on the streets.


Nobody complains when somebody builds an italian frame with full campag pista. It's a japanese build and very nice one at that. Alot people seem to misunderstand the njs stamp because someone in the pub told them 'it's not about being super high quality, it's about being the same' which for some reason people take to mean inferior. When lets be honest, alot of japanese stuff is copied off the italians but will last 10 times longer, njs stamp or not.


There is a mystique about a frame built for someone talented enough to race in the S1 class of the Japanese Keirin. Anyone who loves steel bicycles will appreciate the fact that in Japan they custom make these frames by hand for individuals that will use them professionally. My building the bike with NJS components was just to experience a true race bike at the velodrome and to appreciate it's beauty as it hangs on my wall the rest of the time. I have a street bike, and a road bike for other purposes. BTW, to build a full NJS bike costs about half of the price of a mid-range carbon fiber road bike.

Amazing bike. Forget the

Amazing bike. Forget the jealous haters. Never feel bad about spending your hard earned money the way you want on what you want.

this makino is so classy.

this makino is so classy. good job on the clean build. the frame deserves nothing less.

Classy Build

aero fork, seatstays, and paint are amazing!

awesome look, really shiny.

awesome look, really shiny. and some nice veloflex pave, i've use the same on my bling-bling. and a rare bigger keirin-frame.

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