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Firenze GL5000 [15spd to 10spd] conversion

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Firenze GL 5000 / 57cm / ?

switched out for crappier bars / stock

stock / stock

27" from my stock pile of parts

stock rusty wobbling piece of 27" shit

sugino off a 10speed / sugino bb off the same 10speed

stock / stock

switched out for the exact same pedals, but cleaner / same one that was on it when I found it

stock / stock

stock / stock <--original brake pads, need new back brake pads

was a 15speed, now a 10 speed

- found in residential street corner leaning against a tree near Golden Gate Park on a sunny Tuesday afternoon.
- judging from the original condition, I concluded the bicycle was in someone's bushy/jungle-ish backyard for a long while until the owner decided to just leave it outside, hoping someone would take it away.
- converted into a 10 speed because I do not know how to put back on the original triple chainring cottered crank.
- original everything except front wheel, dropbar/tape, pedals, & some wires.
- was a post-apocalyptic POS when I found it (lots of cleaning/scrubbing).
- found a big-ass spider and its webby lair inside the original dropbar (lots of stomping afterwards). [found a total of 5 spiders of different sizes in between the two days of bike cleaning, around the bike cleaning area]
- very ugly bike when seen close-up.
- surprising light compared to other old 10spds (but then again, I took off the non-working kickstand)
- sprayed painted each end of the bike with a little bit of silver color to make the bike look better.
- rides pretty smooth and quiet now.
- contemplating converting it to a beater fixed gear when have time/money.

- I've looked online to find out more info on the Firenze, and found sparse detail of it back in the day being giving away with each new car purchase in Daly City somewhere. Can anyone who knows anything about it expand or give me more detail of the history of the Firenze?

update jan/2010: just sold on craigslist to some fellow straight from the U.K. Hope he rides it well.

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BB threading

Does anyone know what threading (English or Italian) Firenze uses for Bottom Brackets? I am converting one to a single speed but do not have the bike with me to check.

pretty sure its british, but

pretty sure its british, but dont quote me on that

I'd be super-shocked...

...if they weren't British/BSC-threaded. I'm not sure where they were made, but everything about them always screamed "inexpensive East Asian bike". That's why the stereo store could afford to give them away.

I'd be super-shocked...

(oops, double post; the VS server seems to be hiccuping today)

i found one of these bikes

i found one of these bikes and converted it into fixed gear.


Man your pics are superb! Nice and artsy in a good way.

haha thanks. I try to put up

haha thanks. I try to put up nice pics, as my bikes aren't exactly spectacular in terms of bike parts/specs. I ride around in the city alone most of the time, so I always bring my cheap dslr with me for company.


Man your pics are superb! Nice and artsy in a good way.

Firenze - the history

Firenzes were gaspipe bikes given away by Matthew's TV and Stereo, an electronics dealer ala Sam Goody/Crazy Eddie's ("top of the hill - Daly City!" is a radio/TV commercial that ran in the Bay Area for decades).

A little sleuthing brought up some links. Proof that Google's good for something:

Mathew's commercials ("And you get the bike!")

haha, thanks for the links,

haha, thanks for the links, the commercials are awesome. Never seen these commercials before on tv. This also explains why they're so many clean frames/barely used firenze bikes on the sf craigslist every week.

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