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red rambler

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Scavenged late 70s Fuji Gran Tourer SE

"custom" stem scavenged from abandoned Schwinn Le Tour, flipped and chopped bars off ancient Sears Free Spirt

Stock on old Fuji

Vuelta XRP rim and hub

Vuelta XRP rim and track hub

Crankset scavenged from the Le Tour, bracket and chainring from the Fuji

E3 Form Gel saddle, Deore XT seatpost salvaged from campus junk bin...said something like "do not use." hm...

MKS Sylvan track pedals, toe clips from the old Le Tour. resurected Sram PC69 Mountain bike chain


My first fixie: a frankenbike project from two bikes abandoned on campus.

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North Carolina!

Hey man, don't know you but your in North Carolina, so...

New forum site for local events, tech talk, FS/WTB and other stuff.

Sign up and have a look around, and hopefully it will grow quickly. Just hosted it yesterday.

alley cat

hey man. i just moved down here to carrboro from cleveland. i was thinking of putting an alley cat race together. i work with a couple venues in the area and if you knew of a couple places that wouldn't mind being part sponsors/hosts to the event (plus single-speed or fixie riders interested) let me know. you can hit me back here or at -gene

On the one hand, I feel bad

On the one hand, I feel bad when I take parts from abandoned bikes on campus since they technically still belong to someone, but I think it's such a terrible waste to see bikes destroyed by neglect and rust.

How did you assert ownership of the two bikes - cutting wheel, bolt cutters? Wheren't you worried about being spotted?

Re: On the one hand, I feel bad

I definately feel the same way, but once you see the same bike rust away and not move for several years, you don't feel so bad--especially since it is taking up premium space on campus bike racks. For these two bikes, neither was at a dorm, I've watched them rust forever, and attempts by both friends and faculty to have police cut them free have been unanswered. For the Fuji, only the old, 27in front rim was locked, so that was easy to remove. For the Schwinn, the frame and front wheel were u-bolted, and the rear wheel was already long gone. So i just removed all of the other parts.
As for getting spotted, I didn't really worry too much about it. Not that I waved around a big flag, but I figure that if I can't justify my actions to others, I shouldn't be doing it. So I went in broad day light with a tool set. The only comment I got was from another student, who thanked me for getting the bike out of the way so that where was more room on the rack.

There is a u-locked Reynolds

There is a u-locked Reynolds 531 frame with front wheel near my house that has long been abandoned and I go back and forth as to whether to do something about it. Its been thoroughly scavanged, but how do I "save" it without being no different than the scavagers? I'd love to see that bike turned into a fixie or something fun.

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